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Jim Meger, left, visiting with Ross Riecke of Clarkfield.


byron higgin-newtifBy Byron Higgin, Mascot Publishermeger and ross

Always fun to run into Minneota’s artist
I bought a couple paintings from Jim Meger, Minneota artist, at the Yellow Medicine County Fair.
Jim, being the kind of professional he is, practically repainted one of my paintings because he just can’t see the painting  go out unless it’s the best it can be.
We had a terrific talk while Jim was “touching up” my painting.

We both were in Vietnam and it was great to swap some war stories. One of the paintings I bought was the eagle with the rainbow, seen just to the left to Jim’s head, below.
He told me he gave that painting to General Westmoreland in person — only the four-star general had four stars in the rainbow.
Interesting story.
One thing Jim and I agreed on.
Growing up and living in Minneota gives us a kind of outlook on the world that reflects small town living.
As a result, big-city politics kinda falls on deaf ears when it comes to Minneotans.
Jim wasn’t planning to attend the annual Boxelder Bug Days event this year after appearing last year with his paintings.
But so many folks at the YMC fair urged him to be there, he’s seriously thinking about making the trip to this year’s Bug Days.
We swapped stories about lots of folks — and like most, we were happy to have the time together to visit.
ALSO ... A nice surprise at the fair was to run into good friends Ross and KayAnn Riecke of Clarkfield.
We always have a great time together