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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editorgaylevanvooren

Okay, here’s a question that has been bugging me for quite some time.
Why isn’t Minneota’s name on the sign that is stationed on Highway 68 as you head west out of Marshall?
I find it very interesting that Ghent is on that sign, as well as Canby. Where in the world is Minneota and Porter?
Do we not count?
I started my inquiry at the Lyon County Highway Department and they quickly referred me to MnDot, as Highway 68 is a state highway.

From there I was referred to Mike Lonsberry in Willmar. His answer to my question was, “Usually they mention the first town out of the major city and then the largest town going down the road.”
As he didn’t know if this was exact, he promised to give a call further on and find out more information for me.
While this may seem needless and unnecessary, it could be important information for a traveler who is trying to find Minneota or Porter.
Of course, their GPS will probably tell them the information and a map will certainly have our city located on it, but wouldn’t it be just as good to have our city right on the road sign?

I was later told that, yes, it was as he thought. Not all of the towns are listed on the individual signs — just the next town you will encounter and the largest town going down the road.
Guess that means that Canby is a little larger than us, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But I still wish ‘Minneota’ was on that sign.
I also wish all of our states would have the same speed limit. Coming off South Dakota roads and a 65 mph zone hits hard when you have to drop to 55 mph in Minnesota.
A speeding ticket is not fun, so we have to obey, but, again, I don’t have to like it. How about we all have the same speed so there isn’t a problem?