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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Okay, there were tons of kids at the Lyon County Fair, all trying to win ribbons.
So why, every time I turned around, were kids in the arena  from our Minneota area?byron higgin-newtif
I asked that question to others, and I got a remarkable answer.
“A few years ago the round arena was half full. We had very few entries to the fair,” said Sharon Lozinski.
Through hard work, preparation in the 4-H Clubs and some dynamic efforts by many, they changed this whole thing around.
Today, the arenas are all full and people are searching for space.
There’s an obvious winner to all this — and of-course, it’s the kids.
But for my money, it goes far deeper. I interviewed just one family, the Lozinski’s, but they represented countless others who are making the sacrifice to work together, not as individuals, but as a family, to accomplish something.

The key is, they are doing it together. I don’t see a bunch of kids running around by themselves. Their moms and dads are there as well, working at their kid’s side to get the job done.
The 4-H effort teaches these kids so much. They learn to get a job done, they learn honesty and integrity and they learn to win and lose.
The Lyon County Far is a win-win opportunity for everyone. And the families who have chosen to take part and put in the effort, are the families who are succeeding.
Well done 4-H families. You make us proud!

LAUGH A LITTLE: The boss was complaining he didn’t get any respect, so he taped a sign to the door that said, “I am the boss!”
The next morning a new sign was taped to the door that said, “Your wife called. She wants her sign back!”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my ole pappy used to say, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” then he added, “Especially if you’re feeding yourself.”
Ole Pappy, you had me going there. But I guess you mean’t for me to appreciate what others do for me and don’t kick myself around for what I’ve done. What do you think?