Dreaming of little ‘golden pearls’ that create havoc PDF Print E-mail


By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

gaylevanvoorenI’m dreaming of little pearls. Little golden pearls. They bounce,  they stick, and  they create havoc all over.
The little pearls are, of course, those golden kernals of sweet corn.
Are you a sweet corn lover — or can you walk right by it in the store?
I’m usually one of the first to buy a few ears, as I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into this mid-summer treat.
My husband says the same thing each year. “This won’t be too bad when it’s actually ready.”
I never care. I just munch the young stuff down and smile contentedly afterwards.  

I usually freeze sweet corn to enjoy in the winter. It seems like it’s even better then, when the snow is falling and the wind is howling.
And that has created a problem.
My family has gotten to like it so much, and they request ‘a few packages’ each year for their freezers. Those ‘few packages’ have grown from year to year and I find myself now dreaming about the darn stuff.
I was cutting corn off the cob the other night and realized it was flying all over.
There was corn on the window, on the canister set, on the cupboard, on the floor, and on me! And boy, does it ever get sticky in a hurry.
But even with all the mess, all the time it takes, this is one job I will never quit. Corn is a staple to me, even though it has little nutritional value and is full of starch.
No matter — if the corn is there, I have to have it!
Oh yes, I make a little barter with a local grower. I get corn from him and he gets a batch of Belgian cookies at Christmas time. It sure works for me.
All for the love of sweet corn!