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byron higgin-newtifBy Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

The direct distance between the Mascot office and the senior center can’t be more than, what, 50 feet?
So why does it take five to 10 minutes to get there from here?
Just the other day I came out the front door and looked around to see the best route to get to the center for coffee.
You see, nothing is the same anymore from my front window.
There have been huge piles of dirt, huge holes in the ground and mud holes so deep you could sink a jeep in there.

But most of the time there was a path to walk around the mess.
Not that I’m complaining. The sewer and water, plus sidewalk and curb and gutter construction will be great when it’s finished.
But right now, it’s a pain in the neck.
Just the other day our editor, Gayle VanVooren, left for the day through the front door, then walked right back into the office and proclaimed, “I thought I was smart parking my car by Finnegan’s (across the street) because I wanted to get some groceries when I was finished with work. BUT I CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE,” she proclaimed.
We finally formulated a plan and Gayle took off her shoes and walked across the muddy Jefferson Street. Part way across a machine operator spied her, jumped off his machine and ran to her aid.
When she got across, she threw her arms in the air as if she was Rocky and had just scaled the Philadelphia steps now famous in the Rocky movies.
As for me, well, one day I went across a muddy part of the street, nearly lost a shoe and had to spend time cleaning the shoes.
Another day the street was dry, so I went down the slope and got to the other side, only to find a slightly steeper slope leading up to the senior center.
I had to crawl up that slope in broad daylight — making a total fool out of myself.
It’s hard to imagine why crossing the street has to be such an adventure, but it is.
Someday we’ll have a nice new street, new sidewalks, curb and gutter and all will be well with the world.
But for now, we have to continue to negotiate the obstacles before us.
While the work crew has gone out of their way to give us access to our businesses each day, it hasn’t always been easy figuring out what route to take to work — it seems to change every day.
Oh but how I long for the days when we have our streets back!

LAUGH A LITTLE: A rather dense person went in for an interview and the interviewer asked,” If you could have a conversation with anyone — alive or dead, who would you pick?”
The dense person was silent for a moment, then said, rather matter-of-factly, “Well, I’d have to say the living one.”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As my Ole Pappy used to say, ” Life is what you make it … so make it a good one.” Ole Pappy was a motivator. He knew what you put into life you got out of it and always felt it was better to go for excellence than mediocrity.