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backtoschoolKids go back into the classroom, right.

By GayleVanVooren

Mascot Editor

“Open enrollments are critical to our district,” he said. This larger projection will definitely be good for the district.
Said Deitte, “There are no less than 17 new students in our district — that means around $6,000 coming in for each student, which is very good.”

But the final numbers aren’t in yet, as there may be some shifting with the start of a new school year. “What has to be looked at is also those you have left the district,” said Deitte. “But the net increase should prove to be very good.”
As of Monday, 29 new students were enrolled in the district, while 12 had dropped, for a net gain of 17 new students. Chairman Larry Buysse was very excited about this change in population, as it is important for the future of the district.
“I’m really excited about this,” said Buysse.  
Later in the meeting, the board approved open enrolled students from Marshall, Canby and RTR for the upcoming year.