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B & B Electric workers, Brad Laleman  and  Eric Buysse , were working on the foundation for the light pole base on Wednesday afternoon in front of the Mascot office. The light poles are part of an 18-20 pole project that will give a decorative look to Minneota and will also add more light. Staff photo by Gayle VanVooren.

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

The condition of second street, which runs past Finnegans and the Big Store building, The Mascot and Bank of the West is in poor shape, but it was forgotten when the current water-sewer, street, curb and gutter and sidewalk project was planned.

“It’s in bad shape and we should do something about it,” said Councilman Todd Bretschneider.
In an attempt to include the second street work in the current project before Northdale Construction leaves town, the Minneota City Council will hold a hearing at 6 p.m., Monday, August 30 at the Minneota Community Center.
Property owners, including Finnegans, The Mascot and Bank of the West will be assessed for improvements. The city owns The Big Store building so no approval is needed.
The plan is for new curb, gutter, sidewalk  and two-inch mill and overlay paving to the road.
“We have to hold a public hearing before we can commence with the project,” said Mayor Tony Esping.
He indicated the cost of the project would be included in with the current project.
Property owners and others interested may appear at the hearing to learn about the exact costs and the details concerning the project.

THE COUNCIL decided they will purchase two more new lights for Second Street at a cost of about $3,700. The new lights will be purchased if the Second Street project is approved.
If they are, that will be 20 new lights installed in the business area being developed during the current sewer, water, street project.
The two new lights will be placed near Finnegan’s and across the street from the grocery store on Second Street.
The council also approved the removal of 18 street lights by the Otter Tail Company — and these poles are already gone. However, the council stipulated the removal will not be at any cost to the city of Minneota.