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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Are you gettng excited for Boxelder Bug Days? I’ve been looking at the lineup of activities — and it sure looks good!
The Bug Days committee has put a lot of thought into our annual festival and have come up with new events, while retaining those that have been successful.
Keeping the kids busy is always a challenge. But if the kids have a good time, they will want to come back next year. And somehow, they drag their parents along with them!
There are plenty of events for the youngest kids to get involved in this year.

How about entering them in the 1K this year? They get a handsome t-shirt and the pride of doing something healthy to start their weekend.
The kiddie parade is always a treat to watch, as the smallest kids get all dressed up in their own event. Find some crazy costumes and get in the spirit of it all.
There will be some animals on hand for the kids to ‘ooh and aah’ over and the pedal tractor pull finds out which kids have the most determination.
The sawdust scramble finds the kids digging for coins in a heap of sawdust. They don’t really get dirty — just a little dusty — and come away with some money.

Bethel Fellowship will be holding a carnival for the kids, too, with lots of games to play.
And interactive games will be on hand for all the kids to try during the weekend.
This year there will also be a bike rodeo sponsored by our police department.
Add in the fireworks, the parade, and all the live entertainment on the stage — and you have a whole lot of stuff to do right here in Minneota.
Bring the kids to Boxelder Bug Days, or have them bring you, for a fun festival the first weekend after Labor Day, September 10, 11, and 12.