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By Byron Higgin

Mascot Publisher

There was a lot of excitement in Minneota last week after a jam-packed crowd of library lovers left the Lyon County Board meeting.
“We got $53,000,” said one person, with a smile on her face that couldn’t be erased.
The county commissioners dipped into their rear pockets, plucked that money out of “county reserves” and handed it to the Minneota Friends of the Library, to the Tracy Library Board and to Cottonwood City officials.

Each got the same amount to help with construction costs on building projects.
It was a joy-filled moment for local library folks who have been struggling for funds to renovate the old “Big Store” into a new library.
Currently a new heating/air system is being installed in the building. Now, with the additional funds, there will be a chance do some necessary repair and to move ahead with some of the construction.
The Minneota Library project is about a $600,000 remodeling endevour, so the infusion of funds made a big dent in the project.
In fact, through donations and grants, the Friends have been able to bring in about $286,000 and have spent about $234,000 on supporting the floor, wiring and now the heating/cooling system.
When it’s finished, Minneota’s library will have about eight times the space. We all know it’s very crowded right now.
We can’t blame all the library lovers for their unbridled enthusiasm concerning the county board’s approval of the $53,000. The front of the building needs help and some ae   sthetics there would go a long way.
So, if you see any Friend of the Library members kicking their heels as they skip down the sidewalk (once we have sidewalks, that is), you’ll know they are pretty happy with the county board’s action.
They still have a long ways to go — but it’s great to know the project is getting off the ground.

LAUGH A LITTLE: A new elementary teacher was trying to make a point so she said, “Anyone who thinks they are stupid, stand up.”
It took awhile but finally Johnny stood up. “Do you think you’re stupid, Johnny?” the teacher said.
“No ma’am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”
Believe me, I grew tired of hearing Ole Pappy say that. He seemed to pick the second day (you know, that tomorrow day), after I’d already put it off on that (today) day!
He also used to tell me, “If you see a good picture, take it with your camera. It won’t be there when it comes back.”
Ole Pappy was a stickler for doing it now and getting it all done. That’s proved to be a valuable resource for me through the years.