Minneota School gets financial 'shot in the arm' PDF Print E-mail

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

A Federal Education Jobs Fund has given the Minneota School District a financial shot in the arm.
Legislation passed August 10  by the Federal Government was approved by Governor Tim Pawlenty at the end of August, then needed final State approval. It will add about $99,600 to the district.
“We’re probably looking at the end of September  to get the money,” he said.
“The intent of the money is to create new jobs or bring back people laid off, that’s the intent of it,” said Minneota Superintendent Dan Deitte.

“The money is supposed to be used this year but can be used next year as well,” he added.
Anything to retain or create a job. It can be the superintendent of the district.
“It’s good until it’s gone, then there will be no more. So you don’t want to create an ongoing position,” he said.
“There’s a lot to think about this money but there is bad timing involved. I’m taking the conservative approach to make sure the money is there. The money, about $99,600 as an estimate, could change a little,” the superintendent said.
The dilemma is should we use it this year, or next year.”  Since the year is about five weeks into it, there may be good reasons to save it until next year, said the superintendent.
Because this is new, the school board hasn’t had a chance to discuss it and understand it so they’ll talk about it at the Sept. 21 meeting and, “I’ll let them know it’s a one time funding and tell them how they can use it and that they have two years to use it.”
“I would never complain about having new money, but the time is off because you need your staff in place when school starts and we’re weeks into the year.”
“It’s positive to see the federal government stepping up to help us,” said Supt. Deitte.
“We’re excited to have additional dollars,” the superintendent said.