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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

An unexpected trip to Minneapolis found me at my oldest son’s home for an evening, and plans were quickly made.
The “big one’, the Minnesota State Fair, was on, and a free concert by Boyz II Men was playing.
The question of, “Hey Mom, would you babysit?” was met with, “Who did you say was playing?”
When it was learned that I also loved their music, the mood suddenly changed, and we were all going to the Fair to take in the sights and sounds.

First, it’s not easy to drive or find a parking place near the State Fair. So we walked several blocks to meet a bus that would take us there. That was the first leg.
On went the stroller, ten-month-old Josie, and we adults. It was an adventure taking place.
We soon arrived at the fairgrounds and in the ticket line — along with hundreds of others. But the friendly crowd kept moving and we were soon through the gate.
We were met by a wall of people. It didn’t matter which way you looked, there were people milling, walking, talking, eating, laughing, and having fun.
We found the site of the concert and quickly found all the seats were already taken, so we found a place to stand in the middle of the melee.
When the singers finally hit the stage, there were thousands on hand to cheer them on, and listen to the sweet sounds of the music they sang. While they have “aged”, they have done so very gracefully and put on a fine concert.

All the while, my granddaughter was pointing at the lights behind us and then bopping up and down to the music. She was having fun at the fair.
We soon took off down the streets, deciding which treats to sample. What a decision!
The three of us shared French fries, chicken fingers and chunky potatoes,  an English sausage with onions and peppers, chocolate turtles, root beer, and finished it all off with a chili dog and the works. Remember, this was at night, and we really weren’t that hungry!
The food available is just amazing. A pork chop on a stick sounded good, and this year there was camel on a stick. Lots of deep-fat fried foods sounded enticing, but not late at night.
This was a fast foray into the State Fair, but a memorable one. By the looks of it, lots of families took their vacation at this event — and probably have sore stomachs yet to prove it!