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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

byron higgin-newtifToo much water and the streets aren’t done.
But it’s time for Boxelder Bug Days, right?
Now what?
How about Plan B?!?!?
And that is ....
Undaunted, but looking a little frenzied, Bug Days Chairman Scott Josephson has spent hours checking with the city crew, street and sewer construction folks and his own committee.

So if you see him looking a little “Buggy-eyed” sometime between now and Sunday night, well ... there is just cause.
Facts are this: THERE WILL BE A BUG DAYS.
However, rain, untimely and in great amounts, made it impossible to run the festival as planned, at Memorial Park and along Highway 68.
Now, the fondest hopes are the rain will hold up and allow the paving crew to finish Jefferson Street. “That would help alot,” said Josephson.
The majority of the events will be moved FROM Memorial Park and Hwy. 68 to the open lot next to Bubba’s, and the parking lot area behind Bubba’s and CJ’s. And many of the events will be held near Greg Bauer’s Repair Shop and along Madison Street and the alley.
It’s a mess, yes ... but in the infamous words of P. T. Barnum, “The Show Must Go On.”
The best way to look at all this is to be flexible, look around for what you’re seeking, and PLEASE ... do not park after noon behind CJs and Bubba’s because a lot of events need to be set up in those areas.
We know if Bill Holm were alive today he’d probably pen something about the “Movement of the Boxelders,” or if we had Mayor Paul Larson back, he’d probably proclaim, “We have no budget so we’ll improvise.”
Oh how that man loved Bug Days.
So in the spirit of Bill Holm and Paul Larson, let’s make the best of it and have a great event, despite the difficulties.
Josephson is calling for everyone to have “Understanding,” and to be “Flexible”.
He also says, “We need to sell out the Golf Ball Roll, so buy those tickets.
Minneota ... remember this. There is Good News and Bad News when it comes to Bug Days. The Good News is there WILL BE ONE. The bad news is, you might have to look for it.”
And that’s Plan B.

Guest: “Why does your dog sit there and watch me eat?”
Hotel Host: “I can’t imagine, unless it’s because you have the plate he usually eats from.”

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “How come we are always complaining that we don’t have enough time, yet we spend 50 hours in a year waiting in line?”
Ole Pappy always thought it was a good thing to use your time wisely.