First volley fired as Boxelder Bug Days opens

dave faheyApple owner cries "Fowl" upon getting third place against no other entries in the Boxelder Bug Days Commodities contest.

Dave Fahey showed off his wooden apple, right.

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

The first volley was founded for Boxelder Bug Days in Minneota when Dave Fahey was the only entrant in the Best Apple Contest at Brick's Garage.

His wooden apple was given THIRD place, not FIRST. "I don't see anywhere in the Commodities Rules where it says the apple has to be real," said a perturbed Fahey.

"Fowl" he cboxelder bug trophyried over the sudden turn of events. The three-day event opened on Friday and will continue through the weekend.

Another zany moment may come at the 4 p.m. variety show on Saturday when Rick Abbott and Byron Costello present, "Who's on First," and a rendition of "Casey at the Bat."

It seems the zany moments have just begun.


Chris Swedzinski's hand-made trophy (right) will go to the winner of the Chili Bake-off event on Saturday. How much better can it get?