Playing a ‘new tune’ after cancer bout

By Gayle VanVoorennordquist

Mascot Editor

Dane Nordquist is feeling very lucky right now. He is sore, but is recovering from surgery that removed his right kidney.
“I went in for a bladder/prostate infection, and cancer was found purely by accident,” he said on Saturday during Boxelder Bug Days.
In a voice that was infused with emotion, Nordquist explained the ordeal that he has been through and how totally thankful he is for the diagnosis that he now has — NO CANCER!
Nordquist was not feeling well, and had a fever that would not go down. “He had such a high temperature,” added his wife, Nancy. He went to the doctor and had a CAT scan for his lower extremities.
After the test, the couple waited in the doctor’s office, ready to get a prescription and head home.
“When the doctor came in and shut the door,” said Nordquist, “I knew there was something wrong.”

The doctor told him he had a tumor on his kidney and he needed to see a specialist. “He set up an appointment immediately and I saw on oncologist on August 4,” said Nordquist.
It was decided that his right kidney would be removed and further treatment would then be decided.
Nordquist underwent surgery on September 1 at the Sanford Towers in Sioux Falls, SD, in a surgery that was done laproscopically. An incision lower in the abdomen also was made, which averted some of the muscle tissue.
“I laid on my left side on a beanbag that was heated,” he said. The table moved and he was informed of what would happen as he lay there, waiting for everything to begin.
The surgery took a couple hours and then recovery was still longer.

(More story and another photo in The Mascot, 9-15-2010)