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By Byron Higgin

Mascot Sports Editorjen blue

Jen Blue is in her eighth season as the head cross country and track and field coach at Minnesota State University.
Her first Minneota Bug Days race Saturday proved she was able to lead her troops. She won the women’s event and was right on the heels of men’s winner Patrick Crowe.
Blue brought her team to Minneota following an invitation from the family of Kathryn Anundson, who is a second-year Maverick cross country runner.
“It was a fun run,” said Blue, the 2003 North Central Conference Outdoor Track and Field Coach of the Year.
Blue said, “I’ll be running a marathon in a month or so here so I asked the girls if they minded if I run with them.” She’ll be running a marathon in Mankato in a couple of weeks.


Bringing her team to the Boxelder Bug Days run, “Was fun. We’d never done anything like this before,” she said. “Good atmosphere and it helps the freshmen who are running their first year. And Kathy’s parents are so gracious and fed us all,” the coach said.
About Anundson participating on her team Coach Blue said, “She’s been a great athlete and a winner not just on the course but in life in general,” Coach Blue said. “She’s a good role model with a good positive attitude.”
As for herself, Blue said she runs quite a bit, including 10K’s and other runs.
“It keeps me in shape,” she said.

Anundson in college
“It’s a lot of fun,” said Kathryn Anundson of her time at MSU. “The girls are a lot of fun,” she said.
She was the top runner on her Canby-Minneota cross country team and says, “This is pretty much the same, with different personalities,” she said.
“It was fun to come back for Boxelder Bug Days,” Anundson said.