Running for his dad, Crowe wins bug race PDF Print E-mail
By Byron Higgcrowein
Mascot Sports Editor

Patrick Crowe isn’t shy about why he decided to run triathalon races and why he came to Minneota for a warm-up run.
“My dad,” Crowe said about his inspiration.
St. Louis Park, MN heard about the Minneota Bug Race from his girl friend, who is from Marshall.
He doesn’t usually run these 5K  races — but he’s tuning up for a triathahlon so he thought it would be a good warmup.
“I race triathalons,” Crowe said. This is his first year and he hopes to begin in Dallas, TX. “That will be it for the year,” Crowe said.
“Dad had a brain tumor and both his hips replaced and he was always a runner,” Crowe said. “He encouraged me to run a race in Chicago this spring and with two new hips, it was his first time out there since he had his hips replaced,” Crowe said.
He said it was, “Really inspirational to me to see him run, so I got into it this year.”
Michael Crowe, Patrick’s father, lives in St. Paul.  Michael Crowe is a general contractor and Patrick works for him. “It’s easy to be inspired by him. He’s the strongest man I know,” Crowe said.

On Saturday Crowe and Mankato State University women’s cross country Coach Jen Blue ran nearly side by side much of the way but Crowe had enough to beat Blue at the wire.
“Running is really not about fitness, it’s about mental strength,” Crowe said. “It’s about being able to push yourself,” he said.
“That’s kinda what life is about too. You get beat up and pushed around and it’s about sticking to your guns.”
He called Blue, “Pretty hard core. She’s a great runner.
“I tried to draft behind her but she knew what she was doing and she cut me off,” Crowe said about Blue. “I had to go around her,” he added.