Street overlay to wait until spring

putting in step A new step was put in at the Senior Center in Minneota as part of the project. Unable to work much on streets, crews turned to sidewalk improvements. Staff Photo by Gayle VanVooren

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher
Originally the plan was to add the final two-inch overlay on new Minneota streets next spring.
Monday the Minneota City Council wrestled with a decision to wait until spring or overlay the roads now and finish the project.
“I’d love to see the project finished to protect the curb and gutter,” said Councilman Todd Bretschneider.

“I’d love to see that too, but I don’t want to see a patch job in the spring,” said Councilman Lyall Gislason.
Waiting until spring could cost the city up to $5,000 to $6,000 more, depending on spring prices. “It costs more if prices on overlay and oil go up and we won’t get the price we’re getting now,” said Mayor Esping.
“I don’t want to see the street done — then torn up (in the spring,” said Councilman Tim Koppien.
The fear is that all the rain will cause problems that will have to be “patched” in the spring.
“The county is fine if we wait — but no more money will be coming from the county,” said the mayor.
“My concern without the overlay is the curbing with snow removal,” said Esping.
The board decided to stick with the original plan and finish the overlay next spring.