Plenty of needs for ‘Jobs’ money

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

For the first time on Tuesday the Minnesota School Board began discussions about the Federal Jobs money of $99,600 approved for Minneota.
“It’s for creating jobs, retaining jobs or bringing back jobs that have been eliminated,” said Superintendent Dan Deitte.
It can’t be used for raises, equipment, supplies or buildings and it’s a one-time payment.
“The district has to be careful not to use the money to hire or retain positions that would cause on-going costs we can’t afford with the money is gone,” the superintendent said.
This money must be spent within two years.

Several areas, including the social work area, bringing the library back to near a 100 percent staff level, special education use and others, were discussed. Shifting money around would allow the district to use other funds to help update a pressing need for better technology in the schools.

They also decided some of the money would be used to alleviate understaffing in the sixth grade. More decisions on use of the money will be made later.