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Superintendent's Report

By Supt. Dan Deitte

Minneota School District

Recently, the United States Congress and the President passed and signed a Jobs Bill, giving money to Minnesota and ultimately a sum of money to the Minneota Public School District.  The estimated amount provided to our District is $99,600.
While getting new funding is great, there are numerous, restrictive strings attached. This money is meant for very strict purposes, and is ONE TIME MONEY.  
The money can only be spent for creating jobs, retaining jobs, or bringing back jobs that may have been eliminated.

The money will not be used to give staff members raises or increases.
The money cannot be used for equipment, supplies or materials.  It also cannot be used for upkeep of the building.  
Since it is one time money, the District must be careful not to use the money to hire or retain positions that would cause on-going costs we can’t afford after the money is gone.
The money must be spent within two years.  After two years, the money is gone for good.
The School Board will ultimately have to decide how they want to use the money.  As always, we will keep the students and their academic achievement in the forefront of our decisions.  
If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  
Thank you for your continued support of the Minneota School District!