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friendsLeah Jessen (left) and Sariah Cheadle.

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

There they were at the finish line — one and two, not one from Canby and one from Minneota, but teammates — and friends.
Canby’s Leah Jessen took the Canby-Minneota-Lincoln HI Invitational with a 16:39 with her best friend Sariah Cheadle of Minneota close behind at 17:27.
“Canby and Minneota are arch rivals,” said Jessen. “But she ended up my best friend,” she said, pointing to Cheadle.

Actually, Jessen had a lot to do with Cheadle coming out for the cross country team. “I told her, we’re going to make it to state, but we need you,” said Jessen with a smile on her face.
“She’s great for us,” Jessen said. “We hope to get the team in state and also ourselves as individuals,” said Jessen.
“I hope so,” added Cheadle.
“It’s neat how you can make friends through this stuff,” Jessen laughed.
While Cheadle enjoyed volleyball last year, she loves running and she calls her part on the team, “Way better because I love to run.”

Both Jessen and Cheadle considered Tuesday’s run a tough one because of the hills at the Canby Country Club.
“There are lots of hills,” said Cheadle.
“Even the little ones are tough,” added Jessen.
CML won the girls meet with 28 points. Marshall had 27; Benson-KMS 55 and Murray County Central 114.
CML GIRLS: 1. Leah Jessen 16:39; 2. Sariah Cheadle, 17:27; 7. Ashley Grentgs 18:22; 10. Erin Kamrath 18:43.
Others: 12. Dana Kraus 19:21; 21. Meghan Travis (Minneota) 19:55; 23. Angela Full 20:77; 24. Haily Citrowske 20:09; 25. Morgan Crowser 20:11.
GIRLS JV: 1. 15. 3. Amber Grothem, 20:37; 4. Brittany Merritt 20:39; 5. Anita Henningsgaard 20:52; 6. Sophia Rabaey (Minneota), 21:07.
GIRLS JUNIOR HIGH: No complete teams. CML: 5. Selean Kramer, 9:38