Longtin pasture covered with water

fence postThe fencepost was nearly covered and a ditch and pasture alongside the road was filled with water. The water rose to the buildings on the Longtin property and came up to the driveway. At the very bottom the driveway is underwater.

"Our yard and our pasture are covered," said Ann Longtin.

They are one of the Minneota, area families highly affected by the heavy rains that inundated the area this past week.

"It rose yesterday (Friday)  morning in roughly two hours," she said.

"The pasture fence is bareditchjpgly showing, as you can see in the pictures.  Our entire back yard is covered," she added.

"Thank goodness we have a retaining wall in the back. "

Like many area families, the Longtins had to rely on sump pumps to keep the water out of the house.

"Our sump pump has kept up and we have not had water in the house as of yet," shesheds added.

The Longtins live on County Road 1 just West of Taunton.

Ann Longtin added, "It is unreal.  It has gone down a few inches during the night (Friday night-Saturday morning). "

She added, "That pasture has roughly five to six feet of water in it, and our yard has anywhere from one to three feet depending on where you are at."

Ann and Mike Longtin live at the residence along with sons Jared and Jordan.