'Farmer in the field' siting
trax in the fieldBy Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

Dale Buysse and his family knew they had to take a good long look at the track with four-wheel assist system for combines following last Thursday’s heavy rains.
“We thought about it, then decided to get one before they were all sold out,” Buysse said.
“Titan sold 52 combines with four-track systems,” since the rains last week,” Buysse said.
So on Tuesday Buysse was in the field.

“I have a feeling if we get the corn off now, the fields will dry up faster out here. And that will help next year’s crop,” Buysse said.
“We’re out here to do the whole thing,” he said, with tracks on his combine and also on his Demco grain wagon. “We got those last year,” he said of the grain wagon.
“I wouldn’t think of going into the fields without these tracks,” Buysse said.
The fields were still wet, but Buysse and his family have found a way to attack the crop.
Last week’s rain changed everything. Before that there was an outside chance of getting into the fields soon — but the flood waters last Thursday ended those hopes and sent farmers in search of other solutions.
Buysse found his solution in the track system.
He said the harvest is as good as it appeared earlier and corn moisture is at 21.