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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

The Minneota faculty have been approved to begin a ‘new wrinkle’ in their curriculum with the addition of Q Comp, or Quality Compenstation, in their everyday work schedules.
This is additional salary that can be earned while they are teaching at our district over and above what their pay schedule is. It is a vigorous attempt to ensure that our students are learning at the highest rate possible, while our teachers are rewarded for it.

At the ‘looking in’ stage, this writer sees some very busy times for our teaching staff. They have additional work ahead of them that will, ultimately, be better for the students.
That end product, better student outcomes, is all that really matters. Our teachers will have the satisfaction of knowing they had a hand in these outcomes and a few extra dollars to spend because of it.
One of the first changes to be made is the mentoring program that is now beginning. The more experienced teachers have agreed to help, or mentor, some of the less experienced staff members.
While  we tend to think of the experience that can be handed down from the mentor, we also have to remember that new methods, and new ideas, can also be shared from the younger teacher who has just come out of college. That gives both staff members some good tools to use in the classroom.
Since it is easy to become placid in the classroom — a good stirring up of curriculum, new ideas, new techniques, can make teaching more exciting, and make learning a better experience for the students. This could be a win-win for both teachers and students.
It will be interesting to see how this first year unfolds with the Q Comp program in place. Some will probably love it and some will not, as is the case with anything new that is tried.
But we do hope that all staff members give it their attention and work together as a solid unit.
Who knows — it could be the best thing that’s ever happened.