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dahl-derynckAshley (Hennen) Dahl (left) talked with Dodie Derynck of Minneota after the game Tuesday night.

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Dawson-Boyd Coach Ashley (Hennen) Dahl looked across the court at the opposing team.

She saw a familiar sight — the yellow and blue Minneota Vikings were staring back at her.

Dahl, a former Viking who helped Minneota to the state championship was pitting her squad, the Dawson-Boyd Blackjacks, against her old team for the first time.

"A lot of memories came rolling back," she said after her squad lost to the No. 1 ranked team in the state, 25-15; 25-16 and 25-11.

After the game she was greeted by several Minneota friends who remember her years as a Viking.

But Tuesday night the past was of little help after a tough loss.

As for the Vikings, in the midst of a five-game week, with a game Monday night, a 3-0 win over Wabasso and the biggest game of the year Thursday at Canby, this was not a great night.

"Twenty missed serves," mumbled Minneota Coach Steph Hennen. Sarcastically she said, "I wonder what we're going to practice tomorrow night."

The 18-2 Vikings got 15 kills from Ashlynn Muhl. And by the time Sara Maeyaert ended the game with a resounding kill, the Vikings seemed ready to move on.

And move on they will — to the biggest game of the year at 7 p.m. Thursday at Canby against the 17-3 Lancers.


Serving: (No., good, aces) Kelsey Hennen 13-7-3; Taya Kockelman 7-4-1; Ashlynn Muhl 11-6-2; Jenna Hennen 17-15-1; Haylee Davis 15-14-0; Katelyn Kack 19-16-1.

Digs: K. Hennen 11, Kockelman 6, Muhl 2, J. Hennen 7, Davis 8, Kack 7.

Sets: Kockelman 24.

Kills: Kockelman 7, Rachel Cheadle 5, Muhl 15, J. Henne 4, Davis 4, Sara Maeyaert 7.

Minneota 3, Wabasso 0
Minneota’s toughest stretch of the year continued with a 25-8; 25-9 and 25-13 win over Wabasso Monday night.
Coming off the big over Windom, this one was easy.
Ashlynn Muhl led the team with 10 kills while Haylee Davis served 14 of 16 with four aces and Katelyn Kack was 15 of 16 with four aces.
In winning, the Vikings ran their record to 15-2 before Tuesday’s game with Dawson-Boyd. Wabasso dropped to 5-11.

Serving: Kelsey Hennen 13-11-3; Taya Kockelman 16-15-Minneota: 3; Haylee Davis 16-15-4; Katelyn Kack 16-15-4. Wabasso: Alonna Baune 9-7-1; Jordane Martin 4-3-1.
Kills: Minneota: Muhl 10, Jenna Hennen 7, Maeyaert 5. Wabsso: Paige Pistulka 2.
Digs: Minneota-K. Hennen 13; J. Hennen 10, Kockelman 8. Wabasso-Martin 10, Baune 8.
Set Assists: Minneota-Kockelman 23. Wabasso-Larissa Rohlik 3.
Blocks: Minneota-Muhl 2.