Vietnam memorial needs community help

By ByronHiggin, Mascot Publisher
Royal and Charlie Hettling are still planning to launch their “Vietnam Memorial/History Center” — but so far they still need to find the center a home, and, they’re seeking funding help.
“We’ve been working on this a couple of years and we’re still looking for a home,” said Royal Hettling.
“We’re continuing to work with the city council because we’d like a community-based public place,” he added.

So far a currently-existing facility hasn’t presented itself but the Hettlings are going ahead with their plans.
“We collected $402.55 during Bug Days,” said Hettling. The money will go toward the center.
“We’re grateful for donations and we accept any and all donations,” he said.
Without financial help, the Hettlings will probably run out of options.”We’ve been handling finances ourselves. Now, we hope to receive community support,” he said.
“This is part of our community history. If we don’t receive it — we don’t know when this will be done,” Royal Hettling said.
Charlie Hettling has finished the memorials to the veterans of Minneota. All were made in Vietnam and brought home after his trips to the country.
The marble liknesses of the local veterans who didn’t survive will be the highlight of the history center.
Royal Hettling said the center will include:
1. A history of the country of Vietnam and its people. “The country is rich in culture and tradition,” he said.
2. The United States involved in the Vietnam conflict.
3. The life of soliders fighting and living in Vietnam.
4. An interactive part for visitors with hands-on ability to learn.
5. The memorials.
According to Royal Hettling, “The display cases are being done and he indicated a working relationship with the Minneota School staff and administration.
“We want young people to be included in this. It should be an experience for them”
He indicated social studies students would help with a Vietnam War timeline and art students could make drawings and paintings for the center.
“There is nothing in the area like it,” Royal Hettling said.
“If we can get started, we might be able to get a grant — after we get support from the community,” he said.

The biggest need right now is financial. To help, send donations to: Royal Hettling, Vietnam Memorial/History Center at 311 N. Grant, Minneota, MN 56264.