Cheadle eighth at Adrian; Jessen wins PDF Print E-mail

The No. 1-ranked team in the state, Adrian, wasn’t a good host. s. cheadle

The Adrian girls’ cross country team ran away with their own meet easily as the Canby-Minneota-Lincoln HI girls finished fourth.
But CML did have it’s moments. Freshman Leah Jessen captured the meet with her best time to date, 15 minutes, with Minneota’s Sariah Cheadle (right) in eighth place, and also setting her own personal best at 15:44.
CML’s Nick Stoks did not run in the race so Luke Jessen’s 20th place was the best finish for the local squad.

“Nick had his appendix out last Thursday! He is healing up fine and ready to go again already,” said Coach Beth Jessen.

Stoks absence probably made a 48-point difference for the boys.

The Canby-Minneota-Lincoln HI boys finished in seventh place as Marshall ran away with the meet.

Jessen and Cheadle have been placing No. 1 and No. 2 for CML all year and this meet was no different.