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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

After 15 months in Minneota, I stood on the sidelines at the football game at Dawson Friday night, stunned.
Not so much because we lost to the Blackjacks, but because I suddenly realized, “I’d never done this before.”
Through the first 20 Minneota games I’ve covered, this is the only time they’ve lost.
When I mentioned this fact to a friend the next day, he said, “Well, I’ve seen plenty of Minneota losses (through the years).”

Have I been spoiled by the Vikings success? Absolutely!
Now, as I look back over the first 15 months I’m overwhelmed with what I’ve experienced.
So just what have I seen in this period of time?
Well, where do I begin!
Let’s start not with athletics, but within the community.
•There’s been no end to the outpouring of support received at the Mascot in these 15 months. It seems every day someone tells me they appreciate the newspaper. Just Monday night a very nice lady told me she loved our photos and how they were cropped and the story they told.
Frankly, this never gets old. And it only makes us want to try harder and do better.
So let’s call this a Supportive Community.
•I’ve seen change.
We’ve changed mayors, not that we wanted to, and soon will do it again. We’ve changed the look of the community and in the process, gave everyone something to talk about — namely the street project.
•I’ve seen rain ... in fact, more rain that I ever hoped to see. But along with it, the most abundant harvests I can recall. Last year was great and despite the wet fields and difficulty harvesting the crop, it appears to be a gang buster year.
•I’ve seen tragedy. Another one happened last weekend when we lost Rudy Opdahl. What a waste. I enjoyed him. Our losses have been far too many and much to painful.
But it’s part of life and this community has reacted with grace and humility in times of extreme difficulty.  
•I’ve seen laughter and joy as we’ve celebrated the almighty Boxelder Bug.
•I’ve seen our volleyball team, our football team and our wrestling teams advance high into the state rankings.
And each time we’ve celebrated.
•In short, I’ve seen laughter, I’ve seen tears. I’ve seen unusual and I’ve seen unexpected. I’ve seen sandbagging and tracks on combines and I’ve seen Boxelder Bug races and I’ve seen winning ... but this losing stuff ... well, I haven’t seen much of that.
The sad truth about success is that the more success you have, the more people  want you to fail.
So I’m sure there were lots of folks happy to see Minneota lose.
Not me. It was tough. It’s sure a lot harder to do a story with the losing team than with the winner. But it has to be done all the same.
Knowing the Minneota football team, I’m sure they’ll pull themselves up by the bootstraps and start all over again.
It’s going to be interesting.

NOTE: You never get used to losing people. The loss of Rudy Opdahl really was difficult to take.
But looking ahead, we have a 100th anniversary birthday party this week for Agnes Severson.

LAUGH A LITTLE:  One Sunday morning a little girl in her Sunday best was running so she wouldn’t be late for church.
As she ran she kept praying, “Dear God, please don’t let me be late to church.
Please don’t let me be late to church....”
As she was running she tripped and fell.
When she got back up she began praying again...
“Please, God don’t let me be late to church -- but don’t shove me either!

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my ole pappy used to say, “If you put out a  good newspaper, it’s like a community talking to itself.”
Ole Pappy was a newspaperman so he knew the value of a newspaper and how it affected the community. Thanks Ole Pappy.