Savoring Life

By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor  

Dealing with everyday life can be a stressful situation. Throw in a few bouts of cancer, and the story is completely different.
This week a visit with Corky DeCock gives each of us a closer look at non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), a cancer that Corky has survived.
She has been cancer free for about four years now and said, “I can’t believe how blessed we are. With this type of lymphoma, it makes you more aware of what life is really about.”
Corky grew up in Marshall, and graduated from Central Catholic High School. She and Jim were married in 1956 and they were blessed with ten children. The Minneota couple now has 26 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and another on the way.
She has been a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, has been an active member of the Church of St. Edward, and has a whole host of activities: playing cards, cooking, cleaning her home, dancing, swimming, following the grandkids in their events, travelling, and giving dinner parties for family and friends. Support from those family members and friends has been a big part of her success story.
Back in 2001, Corky “found a lump on the roof of my mouth.” She went to her family doctor in Canby who suggested she visit the local dentist. She was referred to an oral surgeon in Mankato, where they removed the lump and placed a plastic plate over the roof of her mouth to protect it.
She returned, with her daughter Janice, some three weeks later and the results had come back: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “I didn’t know what to do,” said Corky. “We didn’t know what it was, what to expect, so we just drove back to Minneota.”
At first, Corky was going to keep this news to herself, but then felt that she needed support from family and friends. “Those prayers were very important,” she said, as she remembered the long months of struggling.
Her family doctor spoke of a specialist, but visits with family members made her realize Rochester would be a better choice.
The Canby doctors very quickly and willingly made the arrangements and Corky was on her way.

Oncologists suggested to “just watch it for now, as it was a very slow growing cancer”.

But about six months later, she found another lump under her tongue, and then another growth was found in her neck. They were removed and she began chemotherapy treatment after a couple weeks of healing.
“I began infusion”, said Corky, “and it wasn’t too bad, except they neglected to give me anything for nausea.” She got very sick that night, with prescription medication helping that problem the next day.
She returned to Rochester every six weeks for six months for infusions, which was then followed by Rituxan ongoing therapy every six months for two years. A daughter, Julie, lives in Rochester, which made it easier for Corky and Jim as they made so many trips to that area for treatment.
She was then free of cancer for about two years.
Corky then found another lump in her mouth and began treatments again, this time getting very sick and being hospitalized for about eleven days. She started R-CHOP, which is now considered a standard treatment for this type of NHL.
Then began a series of checkups, with Corky now going only twice a year. She is, once again, cancer free.
Corky talked about cancer being in some of the older generations in her family, and that colon cancer does run in Jim’s side of the family. She said, “About 15 years ago they found he had a small spot. It was contained, and removed, and he is fine today.”
Corky thought back to when she found that first lump and admitted, “It wasn’t  very long after I felt the lump that I went in to the doctor. I knew it wasn’t right when I had a lump in my mouth.”
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has such symptoms as swollen lymph nodes, coughing and shortness of breath. These are often mistaken for other illnesses, like infections. It’s a cancer of the white blood cells in the lymphatic system and is the sixth most frequently diagnosed cancer in the United States.     
But in Corky’s case, she had no prior symptoms, but her quickness to act was a very positive response.
She said, “I discovered that you have to be proactive about your own health. Especially with cancer, you have to get moving!”
Corky is a definite inspiration to all cancer patients, for she’s proof that life doesn’t stop after a cancer diagnosis. She continued to live her life, and now is so grateful for the time she’s had with family and friends.
She admonished everyone by saying, “If you find an unusual lump anywhere, you should get to the doctor right away!”  
September is Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month, and Corky’s story has given us a realization that  non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be treated. She is living proof!

Come-from-behind kids beat Rebels

The come-from-behind kids, the Minneota Vikings rallied from as much as seven points down to sweep Murray County Central, 3-0 in the volleyball opener Tuesday night.

Minneota won the first game 25-22 despite trailing as much as 13-5.

In the second contest they were down 11-4 before rallying to win, 25-21.

The final game was much easier as the Vikings began to get their back-row digs and passes together behind Leibro Kelsey Hennen and Sam Hennen to take the final game easily, 25-13.

The tide turned for good during the middle of the second game when Ashlynn Muhl took over the middle of the game and pounded five hits to lead her team back from a 14-12 deficit into a 23-20 lead that eventually was won when Muhl slapped the final point across the net.

"We had the first game jitters and we came out better the second game," said Muhl.

"As we get going, we get a lot stronger," Muhl added.

During one stretch in the first game Kelsey Hennen served her team back from a 13-7 deficit with nine straight points and a 15-12 lead.

"I thought we came back really well," said Sam Hennen.

Leah Fadness played despite feeling ill and she contributed with solid play at the net.

Jenna Hennen was also timely with her hitting and late in the first game she had a couple of power smashes that sealed the first-game win for the Vikings.

Muhl had 13 kills for the Vikings with Sam Hennen, Jenna Hennen and Fadness adding five each. Setter Taya Kockelman had 32 set assists. At the net, Muhl and Kockelman had five ace blocks.

"Our defense is a lot better," and "blocking in general was good," added Sam Hennen.

Oh So Grand!

By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor  

Minneota and area kids did quite well at the state fair last week.
Ten purple ribbons have been garnered by local kids so far.
Adam Josephson took his Spring Calf to the Fair, and it was entered into the Commercial Breeding Heifer category. Adam had actually selected the bull and cow to produce this calf, and it turned out to be a winner.
There were 52 heifers in the division that Adam’s was entered in, and his won the first class. His Dad, Scott Josephson, told him, “Not to expect more,” as it was just a calf, but they were both surprised when the entry was the Champion in the Commercial division.
Adam was able to show his calf in the Coliseum, and while it did not win there, he had the championship to his credit.
Said an excited Scott, “This was the first time a Spring Calf has won in this division.”

Some of the results were in from other areas of the fair:
• Charles Bot - Blue Ribbon on  Market Gilt
• Emily Bot - Purple Ribbon on Lightweight Crossbred Barrow
• Joshua Bot - Purple Ribbon on Market Goat Showmanship-Intermediate; Blue Ribbon on Medium Meat Market Goat
Some of the results were in from other areas of the Fair:
• Charles Bot - Blue Ribbon on  Market Gilt
• Emily Bot - Purple Ribbon on Lightweight Crossbred Barrow

• Joshua Bot - Purple Ribbon on Market Goat Showmanship-Intermediate; Blue Ribbon on Medium Meat Market Goat
• Lee Bot - Reserve Champion on Sr. Meat Breeding Doe; Reserve Champion on Breeding Sr. Doe; Purple Ribbon on Meat Breeding Doe Showmanship-Senior
• Jack Buysse - Lawn and Landscape Design, Gr. 6-8
• Shay Buysse - Photography Gr. 6-8
• Alex Guttormsson - Purple Ribbon on Market Lamb - Intermediate Showmanship; Purple Ribbon on Middleweight Market Lamb Black Face
• Adam Josephson - Purple Ribbon on Champion Commercial Spring Calf/Commercial Heifer
• Isaac Josephson - Purple Ribbon on Shorthorn Plus -Junior Yearling
• Matthew Knutson - Fishing Sports, Gr. 6-8; Red Ribbon on Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow
• Alex Lessman - Blue Ribbon on Lightweight Crossbred Barrow; Gen. Livestock, Judging, Senior; Crafts, Gr. 9+
•Brigit Lozinski - Veterinary Science, Gr. 6-8; Gen. Livestock Judging, Intermediate; Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow
• Alex Moorse - Blue Ribbon on Jersey Winter Calf
• Brittany Moorse - Red Ribbon on Jersey 4-year old cow, Jersey Production; Livestock Demo-Team; Veterinary Science, Gr. 9+
• Dallas Moorse - Blue Ribbon on Market Gilt
• Garret Moorse - Red Ribbon on Registered Holstein 2 year old; Veterinary Science, Gr. 6-8
• Grant Moorse - Red Ribbon on Jersey 3-year old cow; Livestock Demo-Team
• Amanda Prellwitz - Cow/Calf Senior Showmanship; Blue Ribbon on Prospect Calf-Steer
• Brandon Prellwitz - Potatoes, Gr. 9+
• Hanna Prellwitz - Blue Ribbon on Prospect Calf-Heifer; Cow/Calf Intermediate Showmanship
• Nicole Prellwitz - Foods and Nutrition, Gr. 9+
• Elen Skaar - Purple Ribbon on Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow; Gen. Livestock Judging-Intermediate
• Leah Skaar - Blue Ribbon on Registered Duroc-January Gilt
• Troy Skaar - Gen. Livestock Judging-Intermediate; Market Gilt
• Alexa Swedzinski - Home Environment, Gr. 6-8
• Cal Swedzinski - Purple Ribbon on Mini Lop-Junior Buck; Crafts, Gr. 9+
• Claire VanKeulen - Blue Ribbon on Middleweight Market Lamb Black Face; PA in Market Lamb Senior Showmanship
• Julie VanKeulen - Purple Ribbon in Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship, Blue Ribbon in Heavyweight Market Lamb Black Face
• Justin VanKeulen - Purple Ribbon in Meat Breeding Doe Showmanship; Blue Ribbon in Sr. Meat Breeding Doe
The Minnesota State Fair is proving to be a real proving ground for all of these Lyon County - and Minneota area - 4-H members. There are still more results to come in, and we will share them with you  next week.

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