Search recovers stolen property
In December of 2008 burglars entered a Minneota garage and stole several items.
Recently the Minneota Police Department, "Executed a search of a residence in Cottonwood and recovered some of the stolen property," said Police Chief Eric Johnson.
"Tools, vinyl-covered storm windows and other miscellaneous items were stolen," and, "Some, but not all of the items were recovered," said the chief.
Although he intends to file charges, the investigation is not complete at this time and no names have been released.
Building by Faith

Tom Nomeland                                                     tomhomeland

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Tom Nomeland admits the Bethel Fellowship Church is sometimes misunderstood in the community.
“But what’s really been interesting is we’ve had some many people willing to do something just to help us on this,” he said about construction of the new building on Highway 68.
“A man came in, leveled our dirt for us, and another man carved a cross for us and said maybe we could put this some place. We’ve had Catholics, Lutherans and others from the community who just want to help,” Nomeland said.
Without a denomination, Bethel Fellowship has discovered it’s hard for others to put a label on their church.
“If we were the First Baptist, people would know what pidgeon hole to put us in,” he said, “But being just Bethel Fellowship, that’s the negative side.”
It’s been hard for the Minneota community not to notice Bethel Fellowship in recent months.
They began erecting a large church building on Hwy. 68, right next door to their much smaller, current church building.
Nomeland figures, “This is the first new building on highway 68 since our old building was built and that’s been since 1973,” he said.
“We’re excited and we appreciate some of the enthusiasm we’re getting from the community. There’s been a lot of excitement, a lot of encouragement. We see it all over the place and that’s encouraging to us.”

(Complete story and more photos are in the August 19, 2009 Mascot).

Lyon County Fair Winners


Josh Bot and his goat enjoy a special time

at the Lyon County Fair.


Results from the Lyon Couny Fair for our 4-H members in the Nordland Top Notchers and Westerheim Flashing Stars. The numbers in some areas indicate grades of the students. Ch indicates Champion and RC indicates Reserve Champion.

Club Banner
Ch. Nordland Top Notchers
Club Flower Box
Ch. Westerheim Flashing Stars  
Club Scrap Book
Ch. Nordland Top Notchers
Robbie Moe-Nordland
Ch. Aerospace 6-8
Troy Skaar-Nordland
R C Aerospace 6-8 • Ch. Market Steer 1• RC Market Overall (Beef) • Ch. Market Gilt (swine) • RC Market Barrow (swine) • Ch. Pen of Three Swine
Cal Swedzinski-Nord.
Ch. Bicycle 9+• Ch. Corn 6-8 • RC Crafts 9+ • Ch. Small Junior Buck (Rabbit)
Matthew Knutson-Nord.
Ch. Citizenship 6-8 • Ch. Exploring Animals 6-8 • Ch. Fishing Sports 6-8 • RC Safety 6-8
Rachel Knutson-Nord.
Ch. Clothes You Buy 3-5 •  Ch. Clothes You Make 3-5 • RC Fashion Revue Clothes You Buy 3-5 • RC Fashion Revue Clothes You Make 3-5 • Ch. Food and Nutrition 3-5• RC Junior Swine Showmanship
Laura Knutson-Nord.
Ch. Food Review 3-5
Alex Kluess-Westerheim
Ch. Consumer Education 9+•Ch. Global Connections 9+
Heidi Guttormsson-Westerheim
Ch. Crafts 3-5 • (Sheep) RC Breeding Ewe Lamb-Slick Shorn • Ch. Market Lamb Black Face (Class 1&2) •RC Overall Market Lamb
Diana DeSmet-West.
RC Crafts 3-5
Jacqueline Callens-West.
Ch. Crafts 6-8 • Ch. Fashion Revue Clothes You Make 6-8 • Ch. Performing Arts 6-8
Shay Buysse-West.
RC Crafts 6-8 • RC Photography Digital 6-8
Alex Lessman-Nordland
Ch. Crafts 9+ • Overall Champion Large Breeds (rabbit) • Ch. & RC Large Interm. Buck (rabbit) • RC Large Interm. Doe (rabbit) • RC. Senior Rabbit Showmanship
Carrie Enga-Nordland
Ch. Dogs 6-8 • RC Agility Elementary (dog)
John Callens-West.
RC Electric 3-5 • Ch. Small Engines 3-5
Carly VanKeulen-West.
Ch. Fine Arts 3-5
Carolyn Hoffman-West.
RC Flower Gardening 3-5 • RC Indoor Garden-ing 3-5 • Ch. Photography Conventional 3-5
Nicole Prellwitz-Nord.
Ch. Food & Nutrition 9+ • RC Fruit 9+ • RC Photo-graphy Conventional 9+• (Horse) RC Senior English Pleasure
Claire VanKeulen-West.
RC Food & Nutrition 9+ • (Sheep) RC Market Lamb Black Face • RC Market Lamb Black Face (Class 4)
Calvin Lozinski-Nord.
RC Food Review 3-5
Hunter Fier-Westerheim
RC Health 3-5
Alexa Swedzinski-Nord.
Ch. Home Environment 6-8 • RC Photography Conventional 6-8
Leah Skaar-Nordland
RC Home Environment 9+ • Ch. Breeding Gilt (swine)
Jack Buysse-West.
Ch. Lawn &  Landscape 6-8 •RC Shop/Wood Science 6-8
Emily Bot-Westerheim
Ch. Needle Arts 9+ • Ch. Quilting 9+ •RC Breeding Gilt (swine) • RC Senior Swine Showmanship
Hannah Buyssse-Nord.
Ch. Performing Arts 3-5
Cassie Kluess-West.
RC Photography Digital 3-5
Jacob Moe-Nordland
RC Photography Digital 9+
Alex Moorse-West.
Ch. Potatoes 6-8 • Ch. Colored Winter Calf • RC Pen of Three Fryers (rabbit)
Brandon Prellwitz-Nord.
RC Potatoes 9+
Amanda Prellwitz-Nord.
RC Quilting 9+ • Ch. Prospect Steer Calf
Noel Swedzinski-Nord.
RC Self-Determined 3-5
Grace Brewers-West.
RC Shop/Wood Science 3-5
Alaine Buysse-Nord.
Ch. Veterinary Science 6-8 • (Horse) Ch. Intermediate Halter Showmanship • Ch. Intermediate English Pleasure • Intermediate English Equitation • RC Intermediate Pole Weaving • RC Intermeidate Western Pleasure • Ch. Intermediate Western Horsemanship • Ch. Intermediate Trail • RC Intermediate Jumping Figure 8 • Ch. Overall Intermediate • Ch. Agility Elementary (dog) • Ch. Jumpers 1 (dog) • RC Obedience-Graduate Novice (dog) • Ch. Dog Showmanship Junior Open
Garrett Moorse-West.
RC Veterinary Science 6-8 • (Goat) RC Dry Breeding Yearling • RC Market Dairy Goat • Ch. Intermediate Showmanship (Goat) • RC Dairy Steer • RC Calf Small Holstein Dairy Calf • Ch. Two Year Old Holstein• Ch. Three Year Old Holstein Cow • Ch. Junior Doe Kid (Dairy Goat) • Ch. Senior Doe Kid (Dairy Goat) • Ch. Dry Yearling Doe • Ch. Two Year Old Milking Doe and Older • Ch. & RC Intermediate Dairy Goat Showmanship • Overall Ch. Dairy Goat • Ch. Small Junior Doe (rabbit) •RC Overall Small Breed (rabbit)
Brittany Moorse-West.
Ch. Veterinary Science 9+ • Ch. Market Dairy Goat • Ch. Senior Showmanship (Goat) • RC Colored Winter Calf • Ch. Colored Fall Calf • RC Colored Fall Calf • Ch. Senior Dairy Showmanship • RC Senior Doe Kid (Dairy Goat) • RC Small Junior Buck (rabbit) •Ch. Senior Rabbit Showmanship. RC Clothes You Buy 9+ • Ch. Livestock demonstrations 9+

Leo Buysse-Nordland
(Horse) RC Junior Halter Showmanship • RC Market Pen of Turkeys • Jr. Poultry Showmanship
Grant Moorse-West.
Ch. Livestock demonstratons 9+ • (Goat) RC Market Goat (Class2) • RC Four Year Old Holstein Cow •Ch. Holstein Winter Senior Yearling • RC Senior Dairy Goat Showmanship • Ch. Small Senior Doe (Rabbit) • RC Obedience-Beginner A (dog) • Ch. Dog Showmanship Senior Novice
Leah Polejewski-Nord.
(Sheep) RC Breeding Ewe Lambs-Fitted
Alex Guttormsson-West.
(Sheep) Ch. Breeding Ewe Lamb-Slick Shorn • Ch. Market Lamb Black Face (Class 3,4,5) • Ch. Overall Market Lamb
Julie VanKeulen-West.
ªSheep) RC Market Lamb Black Face (Class 5)
Lee Bot-Westerheim
(Goat) Ch. Market Goat (Class 2) • RC Market Goat (Class 3) •RC Overall Market Goat • (Goat) Ch. Senior Meat Breeding Doe • Ch. Overall Meat Breeding Doe • RC Senior Showman-ship (Goat)
Justin VanKeulen-West.
(Goat) Ch. Market Goat (Class 3)
Josh Bot-Westerheim


Ch. Overall Market Goat • RC Senior Meat Breeding Doe • RC Overall Meat Breeding Doe
Hanna Prellwitz-Nord.
Ch. Prospect Heifer Calf
Adam Josephson-Nord.
Ch. Breeding Heifer • Ch. Market Heifer  • Ch. Market Steer 2 • Ch. Market Overall (Beef) • Ch. Senior Beef Showmanship
Isaac Josephson-Nord.
RC Breeding Heifer • RC Cow/Calf Pair • Ch. Intermediate Beef Show-manship
Elen Skaar -Nordland
RC Intermediate Beef Showmanship • Interme-diate Swine Showmanship
Gared Moorse-West.
Ch. Small Holstein Dairy Calf • Champion Dairy Goat Junior Showmanship
Evan Moorse-West.
Ch. Colored Spring Junior Yearling (Calf) • Ch. Colored Winter Senior Yearling Calf • RC Junior Dairy Showmanship • RC Overall Junior Colored Beef
Stephanie Kimpe-Nord.
RC Small Junior Doe (Rabbit) • Ch. Junior Swine Showmanship
Brigit Lozinski-Nord.
RC Market Gilt (swine) • Ch. Market Barrow (swine) • RC Pen of Three swine •RC. Intermediate Swine Showmanship
Jordan Moorse-Nord.
RC Jur. Poultry Showman

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