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Dreaming of little ‘golden pearls’ that create havoc PDF Print E-mail


By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

gaylevanvoorenI’m dreaming of little pearls. Little golden pearls. They bounce,  they stick, and  they create havoc all over.
The little pearls are, of course, those golden kernals of sweet corn.
Are you a sweet corn lover — or can you walk right by it in the store?
I’m usually one of the first to buy a few ears, as I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into this mid-summer treat.
My husband says the same thing each year. “This won’t be too bad when it’s actually ready.”
I never care. I just munch the young stuff down and smile contentedly afterwards.  

Raising funds for kids PDF Print E-mail

ralph hagenRalph relays the rules

When Dollars for Scholars gets moving, little can stop it. Last week funds were raised for the kids future. Ralph Hagen, Minneota varsity golf coach, calls for attention as he shouts out the rules for the Dollars for Scholars Golf Tournament on Saturday morning at Countryside Golf Club. Eighteen teams turned out for the fundraiser — the largest number yet! Staff photo by Gayle VanVooren.

Why does Minneota need a referendum? PDF Print E-mail


Dear Editor;
As chairman of the school board and member of the finance committee, I would like to share some information with you regarding the operating tax levy referendum.
Approximately 10 years ago, the State of Minnesota changed the tax structure in which schools were funded.
Prior to that change, local property taxes were a major source of revenue. With a robust economy, the idea to reduce property taxes seemed attractive.
The model that was put in place would use revenue from income tax and sales tax to help fund schools and other government operations.
This model relies on a variable revenue source to fund our schools which have a fixed or constant cost. A changing economy can cause some surprises, which is what we are presently witnessing.
You local school board has put a question on this fall’s election ballot regarding an operating levy increase.
The tax levy would be assessed on your house, garage and one acre of land.

Shine Minneota, shine PDF Print E-mail


By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Okay, there were tons of kids at the Lyon County Fair, all trying to win ribbons.
So why, every time I turned around, were kids in the arena  from our Minneota area?byron higgin-newtif
I asked that question to others, and I got a remarkable answer.
“A few years ago the round arena was half full. We had very few entries to the fair,” said Sharon Lozinski.
Through hard work, preparation in the 4-H Clubs and some dynamic efforts by many, they changed this whole thing around.
Today, the arenas are all full and people are searching for space.
There’s an obvious winner to all this — and of-course, it’s the kids.
But for my money, it goes far deeper. I interviewed just one family, the Lozinski’s, but they represented countless others who are making the sacrifice to work together, not as individuals, but as a family, to accomplish something.

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