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Is it time for you to step forward? PDF Print E-mail


By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor

This is a very important time in Minneota’s history.
It is time for people to step forward and assume some very significant roles in the city and in our school.
Filings open on Tuesday, August 3, for both the Minneota City Council and the District  No. 414 School Board. Both also close on Tuesday, August 17.
Is it time for you to step forward?
The Minneota City Council has four positions to fill. Included are the Mayor’s position for a two year term, which Tony Esping has filled out.

At first, Vietnam was a shock for Charlie Hettling PDF Print E-mail

TO THE COLORShettling charlie

By Bill Palmer

Part II

Charlie Hettling (right) completed Marine Corps boot camp and was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton, California.  
He trained as an infantryman and wheeled vehicle mechanic.  
He brought those skills with him when his battalion loaded on a troop ship in Long Beach, California. Their destination was Vietnam by way of a jungle warfare training camp in Okinawa.

The Josephson ballad PDF Print E-mail

byron higgin-newtifFROM MY FRONT WINDOW

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Adam Josephson is a National Champion.
He won that honor when he helped Minnesota take a first place in the nationals in wrestling.
Now, he’s recorded a second in individual National wrestling in the Cadet program and he’s attained all american status.
The night before he was to wrestle Indiana’s Matt Sliga for the national title, he already knew he was a national champ and all american. “It was a good feeling, but we weren’t done yet,” Josephson said. That night he got a special call.
“Actually, I got a call from Les Engler (Minneota assistant wrestling and assistant football coach) the night before. ‘Great job, but second place sucks, you’re not done yet,’” the coach told Josephson.

Summer’s fleeting: Read a book PDF Print E-mail

Out & ABOUTgaylevanvooren

By Gayle Vanvooren, Mascot Editor

The summer is flying by, and I feel like I’ve barely begun to do the things I’d planned.
But one thing I have done is read a lot of books. When the re-runs hit the TV and you are looking for some entertainment, then it’s time to pick up a good book.
I know I’ve written about reading books before, but it’s a trait that most people should take seriously. Reading helps to expand our horizons — when we can’t possibly get there any other way.
My youngest grandchild is now almost nine months old and she is already being immersed in books. She sits quietly and listens, helps to turn the pages, and I can’t help but think she’s getting a little something out of this quiet time.


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