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TO THE COLORShettling charlie

By Bill Palmer

Part I
Charlie Hettling is and always has been a farm boy, but he also is and always will be a Marine.
“I was born at home around Taunton,” he began, “The doctor came out to the farm site where I was born.”
Charlie’s folks expected he and his two brothers and two sisters would do their share of chores.  The Hettlings raised grain, pigs, cattle, chickens, and sheep, so there were plenty of chores.
“Before you went to school or when you got home from school you had certain things to get done and that was your job,” Charlie remembered.

How did they get so old? PDF Print E-mail
byron higgin-newtifAt my 45th class reunion Saturday night I was awe-struck at how old some of my Cosmos High classmates looked. Sure glad that didn’t happen to me.
There are always surprises. Mine came when I was told a good friend of mine passed away a few months ago.
Part of the surprise is finding out who comes and who doesn’t — and then, there’s the biggest surprise of all ... when you find out Miss Wallflower nearly launched the entire computer industry by herself and is extremely successful. I didn’t see that coming.
One of the fellows I knew passed away. Not to belittle his memory, but I told one friend I thought when I was in high school that this fellow’s main reason for being on earth was to torment me.
“Actually, he really straightened out in his later years,” my friend said.
Ribs the highlight of 'Farley Fest' PDF Print E-mail

gaylevanvoorenOUT & ABOUT

By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

It’s always fun to attend the small-town celebrations in our area. While you don’t know the people well, you can get some new ideas along the way.
Some of our family attended Farley Fest in Milbank, SD a few weeks ago. This festival is built around Lake Farley which is on the northwestern side of the town.
The lake is surrounded by wide grassy areas, a beach, and a park for kids to play in and another for events. It is in this area that most of the weekend’s fun was planned.
They had a “burnout” which I still don’t understand. Many cars and trucks were entered, and they raced their engines and thick smoke poured out from the tires. The one getting the most applause won a trophy.
It was well attended, people seemed to enjoy it and the tire dealers should have been standing in line ready to sell.

Just call our home MinneotaSota PDF Print E-mail

byron higgin-newtifFROM MY FRONT WINDOW

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

New way to tell folks where you’re from:
“MinneotaSota” is the new word.
My way has been to say, “I’m from Minneota ... which is Minnesota without the ‘S’.
But Saturday while visiting with Dan Canton’s parents at the Canton home in Minneota,, Mrs. Canton gave me this whole new way to describe where we live.
“When Nathan was little (Dan and Linda’s son), he used to say he was from MinneotaSota, and we enjoyed that,” she said.
I liked it very much.

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