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By BYRON HIGGIN, Mascot Publisher

For two weeks Vince LeGare and I have been driving to Marshall on a daily basis.
We both enjoy a swim in the YMCA pool in Marshall and it’s great exercise.
But the most surprising thing about our drives is to watch the corn and soybeans grown almost on a daily basis.
“Boy, doesn’t the corn look nice. It so green,” Vince has said more than one time.
“An look at those beans,” he added.

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OUT & ABOUTgaylevanvooren

By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Cleaning out a couple drawers in my desk at the office this past week was a real awakening.
First I found a poetry book that Jon helped me print when I first started here.
When I was at home with my kids I would often sit down at night after a long day and write a few poems that reflected on our activities.
We only printed a few hundred of the little booklets, and there are only a handful left. The one thing we forgot to do with the booklets was date them — but they are now old.
Then I found a pile of photos tucked in an envelope. Oh, were they a treasure!

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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Amongst the row, upon row of well-kept gravestones at the Taunton cemetery, I found Terry and Karen Swed

zinski. (Photo, middle, right).

It was Memorial Day and we call came to honor those veterans who came before us.
Terry and Karen came for a special reason. They’ve turned their pride in their father Ray into a very special memorial.
A beautifully polished gravestone in honor of Ray Swedzinski tells volumes about his life — his family and his years serving his country.

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OUT & ABOUTgaylevanvooren

By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Okay, this past week we had a real problem at work. Our internet went out.
So, big deal, right? We can’t send a note out or get mail from friends.
Wrong! We were unable to retrieve ads, our computers would not send information back and forth and we were virtually not able to get our work done.
We have, in the past, talked about the possibility of internet problems and what we would do.
This writer had an anxiety attack while the boss was quite calm about it. He had worked around the problem somewhat and decided we would come out a day late — if we had to.

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