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TO THE COLORSdoug konold

By Bill Palmer

Part III
Doug reported to George Company of the 19th Infantry Regiment, in the center of the American lines in Korea.
The front where Doug’s company was stationed was mountainous and bleak.
“Along the ridgeline the trees were all blown off,” he explained, “but farther down there was vegetation and stuff.”

The mountains and ridges made resupply a challenge.  There were no roads so everything they needed had to be carried in by groups of Korean laborers or by the soldiers themselves.

Welcome aboard Cassey PDF Print E-mail


By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

We’re happy to announce the addition of Cassey Schultz to our staff at The Mascot.
Cassey is our new production person and she also is helping with advertising sales.
A trained graphic designer and web designer at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall and a Marshall High School grad, Cassey currently lives in Taunton with her fiance Joey Johnson and their daughter Gabby.
They will be married in October.
Cassey has her Bachelor of Art degree and brings a lot of great ideas to the Mascot.

Did you celebrate May Day? PDF Print E-mail

OUR & ABOUTgaylevanvooren

By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Did you celebrate May Day this year?
Since I visited my Mom the last day of April, I did construct two May baskets — one for her and one for her roommate.
When I came into their room with the bright baskets, they knew immediately what was being celebrated.
They remember the days of making May baskets for their friends, and hanging them on doorknobs and then running away quickly.
My boys may remember some of the May Days we celebrated, too, making cupcakes and other goodies to put into  little baskets.

Just one day later PDF Print E-mail


byronhigginBy Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

You may have noticed on the front page of The Mascot we’ve announced the fact the paper will be published one day later each week, starting with the June 2 edition.
We will be printing The Mascot on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday morning as we’ve been doing.
That means you will receive it “one day later” you currently get the Mascot.
It will be on the newsstands sometime after noon on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday. And it will be in the mail at the same time — just ONE DAY LATER!
We’re hoping this won’t inconvenience any of our customers.

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