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Too many young people are dying PDF Print E-mail


By Gayle VanVooiren, Mascot Editorgaylevanvooren

Too many young lives were lost across our state of Minnesota over the last week.
Car accidents claimed the lives of 10 youth, with several more now recovering from their injuries.
What a tragic time for so many families.
Driving a vehicle is a right of passage — an independence that young people feel immediately.
But with that independence, comes responsibility.
No one thinks they are going to have an accident. But when one is behind the wheel, there is always the chance of a miscue on your part or on the part of the vehicle that is coming at you.

From Minneota to Korea and back home PDF Print E-mail

TO THE COLORSdoug konold

By Bill Palmer

Part II
Last week we met Minneota’s Doug Konold and learned how he was drafted into the Army in January 1951.  
He completed Basic Training in the winter and received orders to the war in Korea before returning home on furlough.
“We had to report to the depot in Monte and the train was going to the West Coast,” Doug recalled, “My family took me up there and here were all these guys that I knew.”

MAILBAG PDF Print E-mail
Thank You Minneota
I want to thank people of Minneota for their kindness and swift action.
I needed to rent the city hall for Monday evening, April 19 for a gathering after Cyril VanDenBroecke's wake. It was the Sunday before and the hall was closed.
I called a friend of the family, Louise Stassen,  and she gave me a few names. I called Tony Esping, Mary Jo Hennen, Joanne Myrvik and Dan Canton.  I left messages.  Within minutes I had answers and I can't remember who I last talked to but I got the hall, all the information I needed.   That's small town USA for sure.
Thank you all, and God bless Minneota folks.

Lorraine Coquyt-Goblish
Sister-in-Law of Cyril
Good job planning, executing new street project PDF Print E-mail


By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

Minneota will soon embark on a $2 million plus sewer and water project that will not only be a big improvement for the community but will cure some long, long overdue water problems.
It’s going to cost some money for taxpayers, no doubt. And the issue of whether or not to install updated lightpoles is still an undecided issue.
The community, especially Hwy. 68 and Jefferson Street, will be torn up most of the summer as the improvements are done.
The question here is, of-course, financial. Minneota can be glad to know a lot of the cost has been deferred away from taxpayers.

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