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(On the right is Shalen DeBrower of Victor, Iowa. He watch his Rolle Bolle with both hands on the ground after delivering during competition at Ghent).mattmotleymattmotley

Rolle Bolle
International Tournament
Ghent and Marshall
Novice Divisionshalendebrowershalendebrower
1st Place
Traci Seifert
Trina Danay
Tanya Arndorfer

2nd Place
DePauw Rolle Bolle
Karen DePauw
Ami DePauw
Laura DePauw

B Division
1st Place
Brian Heston
Flip Foels
Ardie Clementz

2nd Place
Timberlyn Lighting
Jerry DeGrave
LeRoy Suhr
Bill Chamra

A Division
1st Place
Welvaery Masonary Construction
Dick Welvaert
Pat Byrne
Pat Welvaert

2nd Place
Steve Fuessel
Shane Naert
Mike Motley

Hole-in-one: ‘I thought it went into the cornfield’ —Merle Hess PDF Print E-mail


Donna and Merle Hess

By Byron Higgin, publisher

“I hit it so hard,” said Merle Hess, adding, “I thought it went into the cornfield.
The Marshall golfer was golfing on Hole No. 6 at the Countryside Golf Club in Minneota last Thursday when he discovered his ball was missing.
“I thought for sure it was the back of green in the rough,” he said.
Finally he and his wife Donna, who were golfing together, looked in the hole and there it was.
“It’s amazing to find it in the cup,” he said.
“It’s too bad you can’t see it happen,” said his wife Donna.
“I looked in the cup and there it was,” Merle exclaimed.
The two Marshall golfers enjoy the Minneota course and golf early every day.
Despite the fact Hess has done it once before, he added, “I just can’t believe it happened.”
The first time came a year ago when he started golfing.
“We didn’t know the rules and regulations so we didn’t report it,” Donna Hess said.
At that time men saw it go ino the cup and when the Hesses began searching for the ball one of the men said to look in the cup.
And they say lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Dan and the Rolle Bolle girl PDF Print E-mail


Daniel Verkindern and Ashley Arnsdorf.


By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

The little girl sat quietly and waited, her Rolle Bolle covered safely by both hands.
“She wants her name put on it,” her mother told Daniel Verkindern.
Daniel, known as Mr. Rolle Bolle in these parts smiled at the little face and said, “Follow me, I’ll put it on for you.”
Ashley Arndorfer watched every move as Verkindern pounded out each letter of her name, just as he did about 30 years ago for Ashley’s mother.
She smiled and walked away, her precious Rolle Bolle wrapped safely in her arms. Verkindern made her first Rolle Bolle, as he’s done for so many throughout the years.
Then he smiled and returned to the tournament just outside the Silver Dollar Bar in Ghent, the very site where he first launched Rolle Bolle from the time-honored tradition in Belgium.
Verkindern no longer owns the bar, but he hasn’t lost his love for the game he’s helped foster all these years.
Rolle Bolle enthusiasts from places like Illinois, Iowa and Canada gathered last weekend to compete at Ghent and in the International Rolle Bolle Tournament in Marshall.
“Hello Mary Ann,” said Verkindern as Mary Ann Duthoy walked by … and that’s the way it went for visitor after visitor. “Hello” Verkindren called out to another long-time visitor from Illinois.
It seemed as though Verkindren knew them all. And he practically does.
The Rolle Bolle tournaments raged on all weekend at both sites, Ghent and the Lyon County Fair in Marshall.
“It’s a great game,” said Duthoy, adding, “It’s a family game. And what other game can you play with a beer in one hand and a Rolle Bolle in the other,” she laughed.
“It’s a game you can play with people from eight to eighty,” added Verkindern.
Rolle Bolle looks like a fat little wheel, but a closer examination finds one side “beveled a bit to allow it to roll in one direction. The key is to roll it toward a stake and get as close as you can to score points.”
All weekend long that little wheel rolled and bolled it’s way toward those pins. It slammed and bammed into other Rolle Bolle’s and it was measured time and time again by that special little antenna used to see which Rolle Bolle is closest to the pin.
In the end, winners were named but most losers went home happy.
“I’ve been coming here since I was 12 and now I’m 44, said Tamra Hostens of Moline, Illinois.
“It’s like a huge family reunion,” Hostens said.
On Friday night in Ghent Chuck Naert of Illinois talked about coming to Ghent and Marshall for 25 years. He won the “big one” in 1999 and was part of a winning team in 2006 in Marshall.

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