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Stop and think this summer

Life is often described as the pendulum of a clock. It seems to swing from one extreme to another and spends very little time in the balance between the two.
COVID-19 of 2020 can be described as one of the extreme events of our lives and it appears this summer may be extreme as well. People are so excited to get out and have a good time that good decision-making may not happen. As an officer, I ask that everyone try really, really hard to do the following:
(1) Don’t get drunk. Nothing good ever happens when you get drunk.
(2) Be nice to each other and respect everyone.
(3) Be polite and helpful when talking to officers. It is the fastest way to resolve whatever issue you are having.
(4) Own your behavior. If are big enough to do “IT” then be big enough to accept the consequences.
(5) Pay attention to your actions more than that of others. I am hearing a lot of people say, “What about all of the other - this of that? What are you doing about them?” Take care of yourself and leave dealing with others to us.

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