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Nuisance Violations

No one likes to be told that they have to do anything. This is especially true when it comes to adults being told they have to clean up their yards because it is a nuisance violation.
Common violations include the collection of garbage, junk appliances, batteries, and electronics. Standing water allows for the breeding of insects. Anything left in your yard that could reasonably be used by a raccoon, possum, rat, squirrel, or mouse for shelter. Do you have a pile of stuff that has openings for critters to get in? Do you have a pile of stuff that a critter can or has dug under for shelter? Do you need to mow your lawn?
Almost all violations can be prevented by simply throwing items away in the weekly garbage/recycling pickup. Branches, leaves, and such can be taken to the burn site in town.
I am currently investigating a few properties that violate the ordinance. We start with a warning that is followed by a letter outlining expectations and dates for correction, and if that doesn’t work, we abate the violation and bill you for the expense.
Property owners are given ample opportunity to work with the city to correct the violations. Often these violations have existed and have continually gotten worse for years. We don’t like having to tell or make you clean up your yard but if you fail to take care of your responsibilities you leave us little choice.

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