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Recreational fires dangerous

It is that time of the year to start having backyard fires. Roasting hot dogs and s’mores is a Midwest tradition but in all of the fun it is important to be safe and prevent the fire from getting away from you.
The City of Minneota Ordinance 505 section 4 defines recreational / campfires as:
“A fire with an approved starter fuel no more than three (3) feet in height contained within a recreational fire site: using dry, clean wood, producing little detectable smoke, odor or soot beyond the property line; conducted with an adult tending the fire at all times; for recreational, ceremonial, or social food preparation; extinguished completely before quitting the occasion; and respecting weather conditions, neighbors, burning bans, and air quality requirements so that nuisance, health or safety hazards will not be created. No more than one recreational fire is allowed on any property at one time.”
I underlined and put in bold the most important part of the ordinance which is, fires should always be attended.
When you are done enjoying your fire and before you walk away from it, make sure that it is completely out. Pour lots of water on it and stir the water into the ashes so that the fire does not flare up later while you are sleeping.

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