Ask the Chief

Bug Days weekend

The 2021 Boxelder Bug Days start this coming weekend and I expect it to be a fun-filled weekend, filled with music, food, games, and families. The weather forecast is also looking great.
Another Officer and I will be working the entire weekend to ensure that everyone is safe and able to enjoy the event. To that point, there are things you can do to help me. If you are going to drink. Please do so in moderation. Getting drunk at a public event can be embarrassing for you and your family. If you are going to drink, please make sure you have a sober ride.
It can be hard to tell if you had “one too many” and a DWI is a very expensive lesson to learn. This is a family event so I encourage everyone to keep that in mind because little people will be listening and watching everything the “cool” adults do.
If you see a problem, please let someone on the Bug committee know. You can also find a police officer, tell someone who is working at City Hall Bar and Grill that you need help, or call 911.
Another thing that you can do is turn on your porch lights before dark. This will allow those walking (especially kids) to see and be seen. We don’t want anyone getting hurt because they fell or were hit by a car.
Your help is greatly appreciated, and I hope you can join us for what should be a wonderfully good time.

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