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In the blink of an eye

Recently I was on Hwy 14 entering Tyler when I saw a family riding their bikes on the side of the road. There was a little boy about the same as the one in the stock photo. I saw him and said to myself, "He is not paying attention".
As I let off the gas, he pulled out in front of me. Thanks to my driving training as an officer, I was able to react. I pounded my brakes and turned hard and sharp to the left (there was no oncoming traffic). A split second more and that child would have died. Drivers, parents, and children need to pay attention or something terrible may happen.

Brush site for leaves
A quick reminder, leaves are not to be placed and left in the street. We have a place to dump them at the top of the city burn/brush site.
Please do your part to keep the leaves from clogging our storm sewers. You can also help yourself and your neighbors by removing leaves from the gutter and storm drains.
We try to stay on top of this but there is only so much that our small crew of dedicated employees can do each day.

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