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City Hall Security

There is now added security for you and your family at the Minneota City Hall.
An anonymous donor provided a ring floodlight camera to the Minneota Police Department so that we could create a video-recorded location for child custody exchanges. This location can also be used when you are buying items online and need to meet to exchange money.
The motion-sensitive camera will pick up movement and turn on. For best results, you want to be in the area where my squad car is parked or closer to the camera. If you have an Order For Protection, Harassment Restraining Order, or a Child Custody Agreement that designates where the exchange should take place, I encourage you to have the order amended to a location such as this one that records what happens. This helps keep people honest, identify people who are present and will verify or refutes another person's story as to what happened. A sign has been ordered and will be installed when it arrives (3-4 weeks) alerting people to the camera.
A special thank you to Eric Buysse at B&B Electric in Minnesota for installing the camera and Brian Hart at The Computer Man in Marshall for talking me through the setup with our secure computer system.

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