This early 1900s photo shows local businessmen gathered outside The First National Bank on the corner of Jefferson and First Street.

From the Mascot Files

100 Years Ago
(Nov. 18, 1921)

Poor attendance at
local band concert
The Minneota band gave a concert Wednesday evening which was not nearly as well attended as it deserved to be. There was a free show at the Rex, which attracted a large crowd, there were revival services at the Baptist Church, and there were several other minor things going on which took people away who otherwise would have been at the concert. The band is rendering fine music and deserves the patronage of the community.

Minneota called best
lutefisk port in U.S.
L.M. Lerwick of Minneota, who is spending his time this winter in Florida, said he is very sorry that he cannot be in Minneota this fall and won't be able to supervise the unloading and distribution of lutefisk. Lerwick said that Minneota is the best lutefisk port in America, barring of course, Canby, which is the original lutefisk town of the world.

Four locals on
Nov. Grand Jury
Those from Minneota on the Grand Jury list for the November Term of Court are: John Geiwitz, Matt Moorse, Hall Benson, and Ed Sanderson.

75 Years Ago
(Nov. 22, 1946)

Grengs killed in
automobile accident
Max Grengs of Taunton was killed shortly before noon Thursday when the automobile he was driving to work in Marshall left Highway 68 and rolled over one mile east of Minneota. It is thought that the automobile started sliding on the slippery highway, ran into the ditch on the left side of the road and then rolled over.

Three Minneotans
file for re-election
Three Minneotans, A.E. DeSutter, Oliver Amundson and K.E. Jones filed for re-election before the filing period closed on Tuesday, but Al Kiley, whose term expires, did not file for re-election. DeSutter filed to succeed himself as treasurer for a term of two years, Amundson filed for re-election for a two-year term on the council, and Jones, the village recorder, also filed for re-election for a two-year term. No one filed for the offices of Justice of the Peace and Constable. The election will be held Dec. 3.

Mayor endorses sale
of Christmas Seals
Mayor E.O. Hallgrimson this week issued a proclamation endorsing the sale of Christmas Seals and urged residents of the community to buy and use the seals generously. The campaign to sell the seals gets underway Nov. 25 and heading the drive here is Mrs. E.M. Anderson. assisted by Mrs. P.J. Haas and Miss Christine Dalmann. The proceeds of the sale of Christmas Seals go toward eradicating tuberculosis.

50 Years Ago
(Nov. 18, 1971)

More cable TV
discussions held
Apparently, disenchanted with arrangements being made with Mobile Home Television, which started about two months ago, officers of the Minnesota Development Corporation have had discussions with Community Antenna Television regarding installation of equipment here. Two officials of the firm from Windom, Robert Turner and Jerome DeSutter, the latter a former Minneota resident, met with members of the corporation and the village council regarding a preliminary survey of the cable project for Minneota.

Local firemen take
two calls in country
Minneota firemen were called out twice this past week for a grass fire in a ditch near the Cecil Hofteig farm northeast of Minneota, and to the Ed Jerzak farm south of Minneota for a burning building. There was no damage caused from the grass fire at the Hofteig farm around 3:30 p.m. last Friday. An empty barn burned to the ground at the Jerzak farm at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Christmas lights to
be hung downtown
Christmas lights in the business district in Minneota will be put up shortly after Thanksgiving, Dale Hachmann, chairman of the lighting committee, told members of the Minneota Businessmen's Association at their meeting Monday evening. Christmas promotions for businesses in Minneota was discussed as well.

Richards named new
Countryside president
Leonard Richards was elected president of the board of Countryside Golf Club this week when trustees met for that purpose on Monday evening. Richards succeeds Magnuson, who held that position for one year. John Canton was named vice president, Norma Olson was appointed secretary, and Mrs. Kern Donaldson, was appointed treasurer.

25 Years Ago
(Nov. 20, 1996)

Fun Night set by
SW Sportsmen Club
The Southwest Sportsmen Club will sponsor their annual Fun Night this Thursday, Nov. 21, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion. Games of chance will be played, with the winning of Thanksgiving turkeys or hams an added bonus. There will also be other drawings during the evening, including a Remington shotgun that will be won by some lucky person. The gun is donated by Buysse Roofing and Minneota Body Shop. Lunch will also be available.

Community Ed hosting
holiday event Dec. 7
Community Education secretary Linda Canton alerts everyone of the upcoming event that will help to begin your holiday season. The Community Ed is sponsoring a trip to Pipestone on Saturday, Dec. 7. The trip will be to Calumet Inn, where you will be able to view the magnificent Christmas trees on the four floors of the old restaurant/hotel. People will then go to the Pipestone Performing Arts Center for a Festival of Christmas music.

Freezing rain causes
damage to many trees
The Minneota area got hit with freezing rain on Sunday, causing trees to droop to the ground with the weight on their branches. Sounds of cracking limbs could be heard all over town. On Monday, there were many branches and entire trees laying in lawns and streets. Power was out in Minneota briefly, but many in the country were without power for several hours. Ice-covered streets and roads made driving difficult.

This Day in History
November 18
1883 - Canadian and American railroads adopt time zones. Prior to this, most cities had their own local time, making it difficult for railways to be on time and confusing passengers. To solve this problem, private railways decided to divide the continent into 4 distinct time zones - the lines of which are very close to the time zone lines today.

1916 - End of the Somme Offensive. The battle was bought between German forces on one side and British and French forces on the other during the First World War. Thought to be one of the bloodiest battles of the 20th century - the conflict started on July 1, 1916, and was fought on the banks of the river Somme in France.

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