This pocket knife is one of the many items in the Lyon County Historical Museum’s collection. It was a souvenir pocket knife from Deros Standard which was owned by Virginia and Clarence (“Gennie and Clancy”) Dero in Minneota in the 1960s.

From the Mascot Files: 100, 75, 50 or 25 Years Ago

100 Years Ago
(May 6, 1921)

Sanderson birthday
party draws big crowd
Miss Elsie Sanderson invited all the grade school teachers and all the pupils of her grade in school besides a host of neighbor's children on Thursday of last week to help celebrate her 13th birthday. The interior of the handsome Sanderson residence was very tastily arranged for the occasion, and its spacious parlors and library were filled to capacity by the jolly crowd. After partaking of a splendid supper, the guests withdrew to the lawn, where games were played.

Hanson injured when
his tractor backfired
Marvin Hanson of Minneota was badly hurt on Wednesday while cranking a tractor, which "backfired". The cranks hit Marvin in the face and cut gashes which it took several stitches to mend.

Board of Health
issues clean-up notice
The Board of Health has issued its annual spring "clean-up" notice, although some people seem to pay little or no attention to it. Some people have failed to have refuse removed to the dumping ground. Every good citizen owes it to the community to rid back yards and alleys, not only of matter subject to disease-breeding putrefaction, but also all unsightly and useless rubbish which sometimes is allowed to make some premises look worse than a barnyard.

Rumors swirl about
new grocery store
Rumors say that Minneota is going to have one more grocery store, so far as we are able to find out the only thing pointing in this direction is the fact that some time an outsider offered the owner of a store building here to lease it for 10 years. He has not been heard from since.

75 Years Ago
(May 10, 1946)

Power plant has
37-day coal supply
Minneotans won't have to worry about rationing of electricity for a while, D.W. DeLaurier, manager of the Otter Tail Power Company of Canby announced Thursday morning. The Canby plant has a 37-day supply of coal on hand and as soon as that went down to 11 days the company would apply to the federal government for emergency supplies, DeLaurier said. A large shipment of coal was received at Canby on Wednesday and the plant there received word that another shipment was in transit.

Josephson wins Victory
Bond in 4-H contest
Fred Josephson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Josephson of Nordland, has been awarded a $25 victory bond for having the champion record in Division I of the farm accounts records for 1945. The award is given by the Minnesota Canning Company of LeSueur and is to be presented at 4-H Week at University Farm in St. Paul.

Youth found dead in
burned car in ditch
Allan Stone, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Stone of Lincoln County, was found dead in his car west of the Stone farm last Thursday. The youth was found in the ditch along a graveled highway by a neighbor who was taking his children to a nearby school. The youth's body was burned almost beyond recognition, and the late model car which he wad driving was almost completely destroyed. It is not known how the accident happened, but it is thought that the automobile went into the ditch and started on fire about 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Jonathan new president
of local Legion Auxiliary
Mrs. J.H. Jonathan was elected president of the Minneota American Legion Auxiliary at the annual business meeting held last Thursday evening. She succeeds Mrs. Walter Johnson. Mrs. Frank Josephson was elected First Vice President.

50 Years Ago
(May 6, 1971)

Bellows to give
graduation speech
Dr. Howard Bellows, the president of Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, will give the main address at the Minneota High School's commencement. The graduation ceremonies are scheduled to be held on the evening of May 27.

Seven attend State
FFA meet in St. Paul
The State Future Farmers of America convention was held in St. Paul Sunday through Tuesday of this week, and representing the local chapter were: Paul Fixen, Kenneth Skaar, Vincent Buysse, Larry Buysse, James Myhre, Ed Laleman, and high school vocational agriculture instructor Roger Hansen.

Four are injured in
automobile accident
Four young people were injured and taken to the Ivanhoe hospital for treatment following a one-car accident one-half mile north of Minneota on County Road 3 about 6:45 p.m. on Sunday. The four were Brian Gossen, 18, the driver of the vehicle, and passengers Perry Berends, 19; Margie DeVlaeminck, 16; and Darrel Gossen, 20. The driver apparently lost control of the car, it went into the ditch and overturned twice. The 1971 Chevrolet was a total loss.

25 Years Ago
(May 8, 1996)

Jaycees to sell
geraniums for cause
The Minneota Jaycees will be selling potted geraniums as a fundraiser for St. Jude's Childrens Hospital at local businesses in Minneota, Ghent and Taunton. Lona Rae Konold, who is chairing the project, said "The Minneota Jaycees appreciate your support of this fundraiser as it is for a good cause."

Letter surfaces 31
years later to mother
Cecelia Lozenski of Minneota received a letter that her son Richard had sent to a friend 31 years ago but got lost and was never opened. Richard was killed in Vietnam and had sent the letter to Ronald Davidson in Minneapolis, who was a classmate at Minneota High School. The apartment Richard was living in was eventually renovated and the letter was discovered and eventually send to Lozenski.

57 couples take
part in prom here
The Minneota Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 4 in the school gymnasium and 57 couples took part in the Grand March in the gymnasium packed with family and friends. Serving as announcers were school teachers Chris Shuckhart and Krista Brandsoy. The Prom Advisor was Deb Yochem.

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