This small souvenir pitcher, representing Minneota, is from the early 1900s and is now in the Lyon County Historical Museum's collection.

From the Mascot Files: 100, 75, 50 or 25 Years Ago

100 Years Ago
(June 3, 1921)

Local Non-Partisan
League to hold rally
The Non-Partisan League of this locality will have a rally and picnic on Wednesday, June 8 at the Andrew Datset farm. The speakers for the event are Gov. Lynn j. Frazier of North Dakota, Mrs. J.A. Josefson of Westerheim, Prof. O.B. Anderson of Montevideo, Hon. C.M. Gislason of Ivanhoe, Hon. Lars Olson of Canby, and Miss Kate Gregg of Minneapolis.

7th Dist. Federation of
Women's Clubs meet
The Seventh District Federation of Women's Clubs held its annual meeting at Granite Falls last week. The following Minneota women represented the local clubs at the meeting: Mrs. S.B. Erickson, Mrs. C.A. Harrison, Mrs. B.B. Gislason, Mrs. H.G. Johnson, Mrs. G.M. Kerney, Mrs. Charles Peterson, Mrs. A.J. McGinn, and Mrs. Anna Dahl.

Mayor, five others
land 60 'big ones'
Mayor George Geiwitz, B.B. Gislason, A.B. Gislason, W.B. Gislason, Dr. Theodore Thordarson, and Bjorn Holm spent Saturday and Sunday fishing near Elbow Lake. The group caught about 60 "big ones" to say nothing about the multitude of little ones they threw back in.

75 Years Ago
(June 7, 1946)

Freeze here Sunday;
Temp 86 Wednesday
June rode in on a cold wave Saturday morning of last week and the shivering continued on Sunday when the temperature hit 36 degrees and a light frost was reported. The thermometer began climbing up Sunday afternoon and continued going up until it reached a high of 86 degrees on Wednesday.

K.P. Kompelien buys
Anderson Insurance Co.
Kennth P. Kompelien, a recently discharged World War II veteran, bought the Anderson Insurance Agency this week. Kompelien will take over the business on June 15. He will handle a general line of insurance as the Anderson firm has been doing since it started in business in 1944. It will be renamed Kompelien Insurance Agency. Kompelien spent 12 months in the U.S. Army and returned home from where he was stationed in Japan two weeks ago.

Gold Star Mothers
honored at program
Four Gold Star Mothers, whose sons died during World War II, were presented flags during the Memorial Day program held at the public school auditorium last Thursday morning. Mothers present who received the flags were: Mrs. J.G. Geiwitz, Mrs. Ed Van Loy, Mrs. Sam White, and Mrs. Renil VanHyfte. Memorial services for Mrs. Henry Snook, a Gold Star Mother who died Feb. 7, were conducted during the exercises at the school.

50 Years Ago
(June 3, 1971)

Peace Walkers coming
through here June 15
Beginning on the June 2 and continuing into the early past of July, a group of individuals sponsored by the Minnesota Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam and the Community for the Non-Violent Discipline and Action will be traveling throughout the southern portion of the state. If any organization is interested in taking past, contact Daren Gislason and he will arrange for you to meet with them on June 15 when they are expected to arrive in Minneota.

Wool, lamb ballots
being mailed out
Ballots for voting in the June 7-18 referendum on extending the wool and lamb market promotion program are being mailed out to all known wool producers in Lyon County. The vote will determine whether producers will continue their support for the wool sales promotion program.

MGT set to operate
Ghent service station
The Minneota-Ghent-Taunton Oil Company has announced that it is taking over the service station at Ghent, which had been operated by Joseph VandenBerghe. James Bradley, a station employee of the cooperative, will direct the operation at Ghent.

25 Years Ago
(June 5, 1996)

City considers proposal
from North Memorial
Members of the Minneota Ambulance Squad met with the City Council during Monday's meeting to discuss proposals they have received from North Memorial, the ambulance service that provides service for the City of Marshall. One of the main reasons they are considering the proposal from North Memorial is because of the difficulty in acquiring volunteers to serve on the squad.

Iris Show postponed
due to cold weather
The annual Iris Show, which was to have been held Wednesday, has been reschedule until June 12 due ioto the recent cold weather. The flowers, normally all up at this time of the year, are just now beginning to show some progress due to the cold weather.

Deb Sharp earns Navy
Awards in nursing field
Deb Sharp, the daughter of Larry and Jeanette Sharp of Minneota, has been honored with Naval Awards for her achievements in the nursing field. She has been a Naval nurse since 1992 when she graduated from college and has been stationed at Oak Knoll of the Naval Medical Center in California.

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