Outside Looking In

Snow Days
What happened to the days when the snow piled up so high that it nearly covered my entire bedroom window, yet we still had school.
Remember shoveling the sidewalk and the banks on each side of the tunnel you were constructing were over your head and you needed a ladder just to see if the bus was coming?
We never had school called off because of the possibility of a snowstorm. It seemed like we would only have a "snow day" when the visibility was less than a foot. Getting let out of school early for a snowstorm was rare. On one of those rare occasions, the announcement on the intercom could just as well have been: "Okay, kids, we're going to dismiss at 1 o'clock today," the secretary's voice would say. "For those students who live in town and don't have a ride home, best of luck."
On a snowy morning, we would huddle around the TV or radio in the morning hoping to hear "No school in Tracy, public and parochial". If our school wasn't announced, we would wait for the list of schools that were two hours late.
Today, the kids get a message on their phone telling them school has been called off and that they will have an e-learning day, which means they can stay in their pajamas and snack on pizza rolls.
The announcement of a snow day brought a collective groan from stay-at-home mothers, which a majority back then. Still, despite a blizzard raging with 35 miles per hour wind and sub-zero temperatures, all the neighborhood kids would be outside in those uncomfortable non-flexible nylon snowsuits because they were told that it didn't make sense to sit in the house on such a nice day.
If you fell down on a hill while wearing one of those snowsuits, you would skid to the bottom of the hill faster than Lindsey Vonn.
We would play outside until we couldn't feel our fingers and toes. So, after taking off out frozen snot-covered scarf and the rest of our 15 layers of clothing, our appendages would slowly begin to thaw out. As the blood started to circulate, the pain level intensified.
"Why didn't you come in the house sooner?" the mothers would ask their frozen child.
"Because you locked the door and didn't unlock it until 'As the World Turns' was over," was the correct response, but a shrug of the shoulders was generally the actual response.

St. Ed's Night Out
St. Edward's "Magical Night Out", a fundraiser for the St. Edward Religious Program, is set for Sunday, Feb. 4 at the Legion building. The event raises funds to offset the cost of the religious curriculum used to educate students, financially support its religious education teachers, help financially support the maintenance and the cost of the facility that students use for religious education programs.
The event includes a meal, musical entertainment, silent auction and live auction. Tickets are $50 each and are available at the St. Edward's School office or church rectory, following Mass at St. Edward or St. Eloi in Ghent, Brad's Market, Gislason's Hardware, or online at https://flurryoffun2023.givesmart.com/
One of the things they will be doing is auctioning off a "purse" filled with various donated items. Those attending the event can also donate to the "purse". Like a grab bag, no one knows all the contents of the purse when they bid on it. Last year's "purse" included a piggy bank with cash inside, lottery tickets, wine and more.
The catered meal is a choice of shredded brisket or pork loin with potatoes, gravy, corn and a dinner roll.
Musical entertainment will be provided by The River Rats Dueling Pianos.
For more information, contact Julie at 507-828-7392, Laura 507-428-3254, Nikki 507-828-2912 or Chassidy 507-530-1835.

Shoot 'em up!
The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest will be held on Sunday, Jan. 29 at the Minneota Public School's competition gym.
Boys and girls ages 9-14 can compete. Registration begins at 1 p.m. and the free-throw shooting is scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. There will be candy for all competitors. Winners will receive a plaque.
For any questions, call Wayne Hennen at 605-391-3145.

Open gym
Adult basketball, which began on Dec. 7, is available Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the public school. Access to the building will be through the auxiliary gym doors only.
Open gym is also available for students in grades 7-12 grade and adults from 1-3 p.m. and takes place in the auxiliary gym only.
School personnel ask that you do not exceed the allotted time as the maintenance staff needs this time to clean the floors and set up tables for student meals for the next day.
All participants that wish to use open gym/adult basketball opportunities will need to pay $1 per participant, per date. You may also prepay for open/adult gym time with cash or check to the school office. Please note what you are paying for and put attention to Community Ed Open Gym. If you prepay, you will need to check in with the gym supervisor.

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