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Just have fun!

A standout athlete generally excels on or a combination of talent, intelligence, commitment, and a strong work ethic.
Every now and then an athlete performs to the highest standard by just enjoying the sport to the fullest.
Lauren Bowyer obviously has talent as evidenced by her winning the Section 3A girls' golf tournament by an astounding 13 strokes. She is committed to her sport by playing in the off season and working hard to improve her game. By telling me that she tries to learn by the mistakes she makes during a round of golf shows she has the intelligence to know how hone her skills.
But during a recent interview with me following her section domination, the Minneota senior-to-be joked and laughed throughout most of the 30-minute conversation.
"I don't want to take things too seriously," she said when asked about her golf game. "I just want to have fun."
That remark was echoed three or four times throughout the conversation.
When asked what the strongest part of her game is, without hesitation she said, "Hitting off the tee".
I inquired further about her distance off the tee because those golfers who are vertically challenged often don't drive a golf ball as far as someone taller because of leverage. I then had to laugh aloud when she gave her response.
"I'm 5-foot-4 and I've heard that shorter people don't hit the ball as far as someone who is much taller. But If I tee the ball up just right and hit it just right, it's 'Downtown, Charlie Brown'," she said laughing.
Her comment didn't come across as arrogant. Rather, it revealed the fun she has in playing golf. This is the only sport she plays in high school and spring can't come around fast enough for her.
"I love playing golf," she said.
Coaches often tell their players to play hard and have fun, when most of the time they really mean, "Play as hard as you hard so we can win. You can have fun after the game."
I was planning to play a round of golf with Lauren and write a story about her remarkable season, having first-hand knowledge of the various clubs she uses, how she approaches and avoids obstacles, and things like that. After seeing how she tore up the section field, though, I really didn't want to be humiliated on the course.
"Oh, come on," she said, "I'll take it easy on you."
Yeah, just like she did with the girls in the section tournament.

Crazy Days set
Crazy Days, which was cancelled last year in Minneota due to the pandemic, is back on this year and scheduled for Friday, June 9.
Many of the businesses are expected to take part with savings, drawings, treats and more.
I remember Crazy Days in my hometown of Tracy growing up. It was a huge deal with all the stores participating and selling items outside the front of their business. Grab bags were always the most popular items as they were like gambling; sometimes you would get a winner and sometimes you would get something you absolutely didn't need.
Employees would dress in costumes, food stands were everywhere, and even an airplane would fly overhead and release paper plates with varying discount percentages for a particular store affixed to one side. The kids would all scramble to find the plates that said "Free ice cream cone" on them.
Those days will never again be visible in small towns where the majority of businesses have closed.

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