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Red, white & blue

I have rarely missed going to fireworks shows for the Fourth of July over the years. My hope was that I could somehow make it work to go to the Mount Rushmore Fireworks Show this year which many people have told me is spectacular. But President Biden would not allow South Dakota to stage the show this year due to the pandemic.
So, I searched the internet and found that Delano holds the oldest and largest parade in Minnesota on Independence Day. They also have a carnival, baseball and modified softball tournaments that draw top teams from all over, a comic/magician, singers and more.
Since Delano is only 65 miles from my home, I decided that was the event for me.
I went to Minneota on Saturday and interviewed a few people for stories, took a few photos, and caught up with a few other things in town so I could have part of Sunday free to head to Delano.
I didn't know what to expect until I heard an announcement on the radio that several Minnesota politicians would be attending the parade and that they estimated 15,000 people would attend the parade and fireworks show.
That may have even been a little short of the actual number.
Upon approaching town from Highway 12, vehicles were lined up all the way outside of town in all four directions. Flags, patriotic banners and people dressed in red, white and blue were seen throughout the town. They really know how to throw a party here.
After driving around for a while, I was able to finally able to find a parking spot which turned out to be a mile and a half walk to the closest spot where the parade would pass. The walk seemed even longer in the 97-degree heat.
People filled every street of the parade route four or five rows deep.
The parade was spectacular. Parade participants unloaded buckets full of candy, while also handing out eight-packs of pop, bags of potato chips, stickers, blow-up beach toys, and much more.
The parade also included two Delorean cars, both with the hatched doors open and the theme from the movie "Back to the Future" blaring. There was also a "Ghostbusters" ambulance with three men walking alongside the vehicle dressed like the Ghostbusters with their overalls and proton packs. There was even a Flintstones car with Fred and Wilma in the front seat.
One of the most patriotic and colorful entrants were separate new Jeeps -- one red, one white and one blue -- trailing one another and each decorated in a patriotic theme.
A Coborn's float had a gigantic grocery cart filled with gigantic groceries. There were the more common parade participants such as a few high schools marching bands, horses, fire trucks, royalty from several surrounding communities, Uncle Sam, clowns, and much more. Those walking beside the float were passing out all kinds of food, beverages and treats.
The parade lasted over two hours, and no one would have minded if it had been longer; it was that good.
The fireworks show was also spectacular and lasted around 20 minutes.
Because the drought has also hit that area, there were no mosquitoes to be found.
The only drawback was that you had to wait in line for a long time for everything in Delano, such as food, beverages and the bathrooms at the carnival, long lines at the gas stations and fast-food restaurants.
The Fourth of July celebration in Delano is four days long and well worth the trip.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.

Crazy Days ad correction
The price of cherries for the Crazy Days special for Brad's Market was incorrect in last week's ad. It was my fault as I failed to include the updated correct price of that item to the ad department. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused Brad and/or his customers. The cherries will be on sale Friday, July 9 outside Brad's Market for $3.49 per pound.

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