Superintendent's Report

Kompelien Field upgrade needed

The School Board is asking the taxpayers to approve a $500,000 per year technology levy (Question 1) and a 7.6 million dollar building bond (Question 2). Question 2 includes a cafetorium, new playground equipment with a rubber surface, permanent bathrooms at K.P. Kompelien Field, a new wrestling practice room, a new parking lot surface, fixing the junior high's drainage issue near the softball field, and a safer drop-off/pick-up zone for students.
In today's article, I will outline the need for permanent bathrooms at K.P. Kompelien Field.

Why do we need new bathrooms at the Komp?
Unfortunately, we only have porta-potties at the Komp, which we contract for each year. These temporary bathrooms have many issues that we'd like to correct as they have:
a. no running water/no sewer system
b. no lights
c. no heat (this makes them difficult to use in October/November for football and in March/April for baseball.)
d. no handicap accessible restrooms (ADA compliant)
e. no space for more than one person at a time, and
f. no changing stations for babies and young children
Almost all outdoor high school facilities in our area have permanent bathrooms. New bathrooms would provide all of the items listed above and more, with the proposed location being to the left of the concession stand. Additionally, I am pleased to announce that the City of Minneota has shown interest in helping pay for the sewer.
As a reminder, absentee voting began on Sept. 17 and will run through Nov. 1. If you are interested in obtaining an absentee ballot, don't hesitate to contact Tara at 507-872-6532. Otherwise, in-person voting will occur at the Minneota Community Center on November 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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