Superintendent's Report

Playground needs upgrade

The School Board is asking the taxpayers to approve a $500,000 per year technology levy (Question 1) and a 7.6 million dollar building bond (Question 2).
Question 2 includes a cafetorium, new playground equipment with a rubber surface, permanent bathrooms at K.P. Kompelien Field, a new wrestling practice room, a new parking lot surface, fixing the junior high's drainage issue near the softball field, and a safer drop-off/pick-up zone for students.
Today's article will outline the need for new elementary playground equipment with a rubber surface.
Why do we need new elementary playground equipment and a rubber surface?
The current elementary playground equipment is over 30 years old and is showing its age. The following are deficiencies we would like to improve:
a. Some pieces of the playground equipment have been welded together over the past ten years. It’s only a matter of time that these pieces (and others) will continue to break and become unusable. This is a safety hazard.
b. The playground equipment is not handicap accessible (ADA compliant).
c. The equipment does not provide for a variety of large skill activities for our students.
d. The equipment only allows a few grade levels to play on it at the same time. The new equipment would be large enough to have many grade levels use it all at once.
e. The current surface (wood chips) gets into the students’ clothing and shoes, which tracks throughout the school. Wood chips also cause many issues when parents try to wash clothing. A new rubber surface will not be messy and is safer with students’ falls.
f. The equipment is old and not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially with attracting families to enroll in our district.
g. Since the City of Minneota does not have much playground equipment, if approved, the district can help fill this need during school hours, at night, and during the summer months.
h. Play is an essential aspect of a child's well-being, and we feel they deserve the most modern playground equipment possible.
As a reminder, absentee voting began on September 17 and will run through November 1. If you are interested in obtaining an absentee ballot, don't hesitate to contact Tara at 507-872-6532. Otherwise, in-person voting will occur at the Minneota Community Center on Nov. 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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